We’re doing the Reindeer Twist!

The Christmas Concert is next week.  The afternoon performance is on Tuesday, December 18th at 1:30pm. The evening performance is on Wednesday, December 19th at 6:30pm. Students are to arrive at school at 6:00pm for the evening performance. Please try to dress your child in either brown or black for both performances.

Our class is doing a number called, “The Reindeer Twist.”

Image result for dancing reindeer clip art

Here is a link to the song and lyrics. 


There is also a printed copy of the lyrics that went home with your child today.

If you are able, please try to have your child practice singing the song. If you are lucky, they may even show you their dance moves!

Thank you for your help and support.

I hope to see you at one of the performances.


October Highlights

Orange Shirt Day was October 1st. 

We read the book, ” The Orange Shirt” by Phyllis Jack Webstad. Then we talked about things that make school a happy place for them. Each student listed those things and then coloured in an Orange Shirt. Check out our bulletin board in the  hallway outside our classroom.

Self Portraits Complete

We finished our self portraits this week. They look amazing. Stop by the classroom to have a look and see if you can guess which one is your child’s.

Directed Drawing Turkeys

In celebration of Thanksgiving, we did a directed drawing of a turkey. Students drew in pencil first and then traced over their lines in crayon. Then they coloured in their turkey using fall colours. Finally we did a wax resist by painting over our pictures with watercolour paints. They looked so cute! Hopefully you displayed your child’s picture for Thanksgiving.


Zumba Week


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Last week the whole school learned how to Zumba! We had a wonderful instructor named Lubna. Our class learned three different dances and some fun dance games. On Friday, each class performed their dance in the Gym in front of the whole school and a lot of Buckingham families. Our class performed a Spanish style dance with Division 9. All of the students did a fabulous job! Congratulations Division 8! Thank you parents for remembering to dress your child in red/pink. They looked amazing!!

Baby turtle number 2 hatches!

On Thursday, September 13th the second turtle egg started to crack open. Baby turtle number two was on his way out into the world. On Monday, September 17th, I brought the hatching egg into the classroom for the students to see. We passed the container with the hatching turtle around the circle and everyone got a chance to see the baby turtle move inside the shell. We made predictions about when we thought the turtle would finally hatch out of its shell. Then to our surprise, at lunchtime that same day, the second baby turtle hatched out of its shell! He was so little and had a large yolk sac still attached to the underside of its shell. The yolk sac will eventually be absorbed into the shell; it will take upto a week for it to fully disappear. He is resting at home now, waiting for the egg sac to be absorbed. Next week, I will bring both of the baby turtles into the classroom.

Start thinking about possible names for the newest turtle. We will vote as a class or draw names out of a hat. Stay tuned next week to find out what the winning name is!


Turtle News: Welcome baby turtle!

The egg first cracks open!
The egg is cracked a bit more.
Almost there!!






Welcome to the world little turtle!Last spring Kirby, our female turtle, laid some eggs. On August 9th, the first one hatched!!! The shell first started to crack open on August 6th. It took three days for the little turtle hatchling to make it’s way out of the egg completely. The turtle’s shell was only one inch in diameter. He is so cute!!! My daughter named him Killian Klassen. 

We were going away camping the day after the baby turtle was born, so we decided to take him with us! Only one day old and Killian gets to go on his first road trip. We placed him in the same container he hatched in, except this time just on a damp paper towel. He spent about 3 hours in there until we arrived at our campsite. Then we moved him into his tank with a beautiful view of the lake. We brought the tank inside at night, but Killian spent two weeks basking in the sun outside near the picnic table!! He leaned to swim and tried to get up onto the rock all by himself. 

After our two week holiday, Killian returned home with us. He continues to swim and tries daily to get onto the rock. Finally on August 27th, he made it on to the rock all by himself! Yeah Killian! Good for you little turtle. Watch the video clip to see how he does it. After he made it on the rock, he opened his mouth as if to let out a little cheer to say, “I did it!!!”


Welcome to Div. 8

img_1089Welcome to Div. 8. My name is Alison Klassen. This year I have a grade 1/2 class with 21 students. I am so excited to begin a new school year with a wonderful new bunch of students! This is my 10th year at Buckingham Elementary and I love teaching here and being part of such an amazing school community!  I have a Bachelors of Education from UBC and a Masters of Education from SFU focusing on Learning in the Early Years. I believe in creating a beautiful, welcoming classroom environment where students become life long learners. Students will develop the core competencies in a caring, hard working, respectful, and fun classroom. I am looking forward to getting to know your child and you! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that you may have. Let’s have a wonderful year together!