New Song: A Million Dreams!


Hi Beautiful Students and Families, 

This will be our new song to learn. The kids know the process:  breathing (2-4) to get focused, vocal warm ups (oo-oh-ah-eh-ee, zing, my my, su-per-store, super bubble gum, 1-121)

Here is the Youtube video link: A Million Dreams

I hope everyone is at home dreaming their own unique-beautiful -magnificent dreams right now!

Sending lots of love, 

Ms. Hintersteininger

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Happy Earth Day 2020

Wednesday, April 22nd 2020


Happy Earth Day!

Video of Challenge: Earth Day 2020 Music Challenge

Written Description of Challenge:

I hope you are healthy at home and enjoy the beautiful weather. 

Here is your Earth Day Musical Challenge

Go outside and listen to what is around you. Listen to anything that could be music. It could be from nature or it could be made by a person. Write all the sounds you hear in the comments below! Was the sound: forte (loud), mezzo forte (medium loud), mezzo piano (soft) or piano (soft)? 

Ms. Hintersteininger



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Video Message from Ms. Hintersteininger








Hello Parents and Students, 

Please click on the link: Hello Amazing-Smart-Wonderful Kids!

With much love,

Ms. Hintersteininger

PS Please let me know in the comments if the link is working! Thank you 🙂 

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I Can Self-Sooth Myself with Breathing Exercises!

Hi Students and Parents, 

Here are some videos on Breathing that we do during music class to help focus, calm down and self-sooth. 

Here is the explanation: Explanation

Here is the Breathing Exercise done for a minute and forty seconds: Excercise

With much love,

Ms. Hintersteininger 

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Your Music Class for now

Dear Parents and Students, 

Hello. I hope you and your family are well. I miss you all so much! I know this is a really weird time. Things are not exactly what we are use to. 

Please remember that when you need some extra love, the arts (music, acting, dancing, composing, creating, playing instruments) are always here! You are all smart-creative-authentic-empathic kids! Each one of you are able to tap in to your body an either dance, sing, playing instruments act or compose. I have seen it over and over at school. So please use singing, dancing, playing instruments and composing as an outlet to let your emotions come out. 

Music class will look different for now. You are always welcome to e-mail to say “hi” or send me a video of you performing:

Remember! You are powerful. Do you remember the powerful tools we worked on? Hmmmnnn. What were those tools that we use to centre ourselves so we can focus?!? That happened at the beginning of class and before concerts. 

For now here are somethings that you can do:


  • Acting: Do you remember the acting we did last term. Now you can do it by yourselves! 
    • First make a script with the narrator. Where are you? What time are you in? Who is your superhero ? Who is your villain? What big bad thing did the villain do? How does the situation end?
    • Get some toys, give them parts and then act it out 🙂

Grade 2/3s

  • Singing: Do your vocal warm ups. Sing your favourite Primary Days of Music Song. Then change the words to fit how you are feeling. 
  • Dancing: Put on your favourite song. Close your eyes and move. Remember it is not about being right or wrong. It is about listening to your body. 
  • Extra BONUS: Sing one of the Primary Days of Music songs with your own lyrics and either dance or act it out. And send it to me.

Sending lots of love,

Ms. Hintersteininger

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Dance Squad


Students in grade 6/7 music leadership will be able to audition for Dance Squad on Friday, January 10th 11:45AM in Ms. Hintersteininger’s classroom. Dance Squad postings will be shown at 3pm on Friday, January 10th in front of Ms. Hintersteininger’s room. The rest of the year will be dedicated to Pink Shirt Day (February), District Dance Festival (usually at Burnaby Mountain Secondary in May; students will help choreograph 2 dances and teach one dance to students that would like to come to district dance festival) and Dance Squad Grade 7 Only Grad Dance (June). Dates for these events will be given out at a later notice.

What to expect during the audition:

  1. 30 second solo/group. Dance should be something regarding Pink Shirt Day material. The music should be either empowering, telling a story about how to be inclusive, etc. Please wear appropriate foot wear and bring accompaniment song.
  2. Students will learn choreography and try a brief contemporary improv.


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Music Leadership

Q: What is TP music leadership?

A: Students demonstrating the 5 core music values:

  • empathy
  • commitment
  • consistency
  • positivity
  • leadership

For grade 6/7 students that are not in music leadership and who would like to join this January please respond in writing to the following questions and submit your printed sheet to Ms. Chang and Ms. Hintersteininger’s box by 3 pm on Wednesday, January, 8th.

  1. Why do you want to be in TP music leadership?
  2. How are you going to consistently demonstrate to the music teachers throughout the year that this is going to be a priority?
  3. What is your vision at Taylor Park for music? What would make you proud at the end of the year?
  4. What is it about your personality and character that you can offer to the music program?
  5. How would you deal with conflict?
  6. Which part(s) (rock band, dance squad, tech, stage crew) are you wanting to join and why?

Important Music Leadership Dates:

Wednesday, January 8th answers due in Ms. Hintersteininger/Ms. Chang’s box 3pm

Thursday, January 9th music leadership posted at 3pm

Friday, January 10th dance squad auditions at lunch (11:45) in Ms. Hintersteininger’s room

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