Ms Gourlay's Class – "It's better to know how to learn than to know." Dr. Seuss

We have six of the most adorable quail chicks in our classroom.  The children have named them Willow, Maple, Cedar, Aspen, Birch and Cypress. Guess what the theme is? Cypress is the little yellow one. Willow and Cypress chirp the loudest.  They are so much fun to watch.

Thank you to Cassandra at Eggucation for making this amazing learning opportunity possible.

An egg has hatched!  We have one baby chick in our classroom so far.  The chick is curious, playful and loud!

When the chick hatched in the incubator, it was wet and exhausted from pecking through the shell.  We put it in a habitat under a heat lamp, and in a few hours, the chick was dry and sleeping.  By the afternoon, it  was running around and peeping. Wow! 

We have learned that the chicks need food, water, shelter and space in order to survive.  We look forward to caring for them.

We are so egg-cited! The quail eggs were delivered today.  

We are learning all about quails.  Did you know that quails are oviparous animals?  That means that they hatch from an egg. In the wild, the female quail lays the eggs and the male bird sits on them to keep them warm. He also turns the eggs with his feet so that the babies inside do not stick to the shell. This is a picture of the incubator. The incubator does the job of the parent bird. It keeps the eggs warm and turns the eggs every hour. 

We made predictions! Ask me how long I think that it will take for the eggs to hatch.