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The Forest Floor

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A Rainforest has four layers.  The bottom layer is called the Forest Floor.  This level receives barely any sunlight.  Very few plants grow here.  Some of the larger animals live on the forest floor, such as caimans, tapirs, giant anteaters and jaguars.

Here are some jaguars that we made using our hand prints for the body and our finger tips for the leaves.

Check your child’s blogfolio for his/her jaguar hand print.


Chrysanthemum loves her long, beautiful name – until she starts kindergarten and the other children tease her about it.  Chrysanthemum starts feeling badly about herself and doesn’t want to go to school anymore.  This book by Kevin Henkes reminds us that our words are powerful and can hurt others if we’re not careful. 

Chrysanthemum has 13 letters in her name.  We made a graph of the number of letters in each of our names.  We know that most people have 4 letters in their name and one person has 7.



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