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June 1, 2023

English 12 (1 & 2):

Creative writing prompt #3 – 15 mins sustained stream of consciousness writing (for your portfolio):

What does home smell like?

Read Ch 3 (p. 38 – 65) in OMAM. There will be a Ch 3 reading QUIZ at the start of class on Mon, June 5th so be sure you’re prepared!

Remaining class time to complete Ch 2 analysis questions (for your portfolio).

English 9H:

One on one conferences c’ont from Tuesday.

Class time to work on cell blocking assignment for children’s book (due on Mon, June 5th).

Students will be given class time on Mon, Weds and Fri next week to work on their children’s books, Please bring all necessary supplies (laptops, art supplies, tablets etc) so you can use this time efficiently. Good copies of your children’s books are due June 13th.

English 8:

Read p. 78-108 in Word Nerd.

Journal #4 (p. 78-108). If you didn’t complete journal #4 in class today, it must be done for homework. I will be checking your journals for completion on Monday.


May 30, 2023

English 12 (1 &2):

Read Ch 2 in OMAM.

Ch 2 analysis questions; answer in full sentences (except the list portion of #3) (This work is to be kept in your portfolio):

1) How is the bunkhouse described? What does the description tell the reader about the men who live there? (2 marks)

2) What do we find out about Curley, his wife, and his father through George’s discussions with the others? (2 marks)

3) How would you describe the relationship between Curley and his wife? List five adjectives describing Curley’s personality. List five adjectives describing his wife’s personality. (11 marks)

4) Re-read Steinbeck’s description of Slim on p. 33. What does this tell you about his character? Is he a man to be trusted and looked up to? (2 marks)

5) What is Lennie eagerly talking about on p. 36? (1 mark)

English 9H:

Children’s book pre-write form due; one on one conferences to confirm viability for book ideas.

Hand out cell planning sheet and class time provided to work on this. You will be given time in class on Thursday to work on completing your cell planning. Cell sheets are due at the start of class on Mon, June 5th.

English 8:

Read p. 50-77 in Word Nerd.

Journal #3.

May 26, 2023

Thanks to Mr Terpening for coming in as a TTOC for me today!

English 12 (1 & 2):

  • class time to finish Ch 1 OMAM analysis questions from Weds
  • fiction booklet: read, multiple choice analysis questions and paragraph response (if you missed today’s class, please get this from me upon your return as I only have it as a hard copy)

English 9H:

Author visit in the MPR.

Reminder: your pre-write forms for your children’s book is due Tues, May 30th.

English 8:

Class time to complete Journals 1 & 2 for Word Nerd. If you missed today’s class or did not finish these journals during the class times provided, you must complete them for homework before class on Tues. **

Spelling booklet (to be kept in your portfolio).

May 24, 2023

English 12 (1 &2):

Creative writing prompt #2 (15 mins write time): If you missed today’s class, please ensure you complete this at home and bring it to add to your portfolio.

  1. a) What is the meanest thing someone has said or done to you? b) What is the meanest thing you have said or done to someone?

Ch 1 OMAM re-cap.

Ch 1 analysis questions (to be completed in FULL sentences): if you missed today’s class, please complete these questions at home and bring them to put in your portfolio on Friday.

1) Describe George. Describe Lennie.

2) Is the relationship between George and Lennie one of friendship, or does George only feel obligated to take care of Lennie? What evidence can you find to support either conclusion?

3) Why does Lennie have the dead mouse? Why does George take it away?

4) What happened at the last place Lennie and George worked?

5) Describe the dream George and Lennie share for their future. Why is this dream so important to both men?

English 9H:

Scrabble tournament in the library to close out our unit on Word Nerd!

REMINDER: children’s lit pre-write form is due Tues, May 30th.

English 8:

Read p. 27-49 in Word Nerd.

Class time provided to complete Journal #1 (p. 1-26 and Journal #2 (p. 27-49) in Word Nerd. You will be given time again in class on Friday to get both of these journals done if you haven’t already finished.

May 18, 2023

English 12 (1 &2):

Overview John Steinbeck and The Great Depression.

Hand out copies of Of Mice and Men (OMAM); update book cards.

Read Ch 1 in OMAM.

English 9H:

Hand back two written analyses on Word Nerd (from last week). Time provided to edit and improve the ONE that you want to submit for grading. If you missed today’s class, you can get your analysis sheets from me Weds and complete this task for homework.

Once analysis handed in, remaining class time to work on pre-write form for children’s book (due May 30).

English 8:

Library period to finish/type up the good copy of your short story.

Short stories collected at the end of the period.

May 16, 2023

Thank you to Mr Terpening for coming in as a TTOC for me this morning for periods 1 & 2. 🙂

English 12 (1 & 2):

Non-fiction assignment (read article, answer questions).

Grammar worksheet.

If you missed today’s class, you’ll need to get these sheets from me when I see you next as I only have them in hardcopy.

English 9H:

Overview: children’s literature.

Hand out criteria for children’s lit project; review due dates: Eng9H Children’s Lit Criteria

Class time to work on pre-write form (due May 30th): Eng9H Pre-write form

English 8:

Rough copy of short story due at the start of class.

Hand out copies of Word Nerd and update book cards.

Re-visit reader’s response journals – we will use the same question prompts we did for Henry K Larsen for this novel; there will be 9 journals in total this unit.

Read p. 1-26 in Word Nerd.

Time to work on Journal #1.

May 12, 2023

English 12 (1 &2):

In class essay as final assessment for The Jade Peony.

Novels collected and book cards updated.


English 9H:

Journals #1-9 collected at the start of class.

Spelling quiz.

Word Nerd analysis in class write #2. If you missed today’s class, you need to come to FLEX by 8:40am on Thursday, May 18th to write this response.

Collect novels and update book cards. If you forgot your novel today, please bring it to class Tuesday for collection.

If you have access to a favourite children’s book that you enjoyed when you were younger and have fond memories of reading or being read to with, please bring this book to class with you on Tuesday. 🙂

English 8:

Spelling quiz.

Review punctuating dialogue and multi-paragraph formatting for compositions.

Remaining class time to work on/finish rough draft of short story. DRAFTS are DUE Tues, May 16th. ****

May 10, 2023

English 12 (1 & 2):

Finish reading The Jade Peony together as a class. Discuss thematic overview of the novel.

Review essay structure and punctuation for quote integration.

In class essay Fri, May 12th. Please ensure you bring your copy of the novel to class with you as I will be collecting them when you leave class.

English 9H:

Finish reading Word Nerd.

Journal #9 (p. 224-246). All journals #1-9 must be complete for the beginning of class Friday.

Please ensure you bring your novel to class Friday for collection.

Reminder: spelling quiz at the start of class Friday!

English 8:

Silent reading.

Creative writing prompt #2:

Picture a photo from your childhood, one you know well. Narrate the scene around the taking of that photo, to the best of your memory.

Rough drafts of short stories worked on during class time.  Your full draft must be complete by May 16th.

Reminder: spelling quiz at the start of class Friday!

May 8, 2023

English 12 (1 & 2):

As we are coming to the end of our novel study unit, we are going to embark on creative writing to add to our composition portfolios. This will be a gradual process until we are actually done with The Jade Peony. Today, students tackled the first creative writing prompt. The only criteria for these prompts is that at the end of the unit, ALL prompts must be accounted for in your composition portfolio AND that you commit to a minimum of 15 mins of non-stop writing to address the given prompt. This is in line with the genre of “stream of consciousness” writing. This is excellent practice for dealing with writer’s block, should you one day ever encounter it.

Prompt #1: Write a text message to a younger you with the best advice you’ve ever received. How would this younger you respond? Let the conversation play out and see where any tension lies.

** if you missed today’s class, please engage with Prompt #1 for a minimum of 15 mins and bring it with you to class Weds to add to your portfolio. 

Students have remaining time this entire period to finish their brainstorm about the children’s relationship with their grandmother and their reactions to her death. Brainstorm needs to be kept in your portfolio.

English 9H: 

Copy spelling words (quiz at the start of class Friday):

  1. apprehension
  2. arbitrary
  3. articulate
  4. ascertain
  5. assail
  6. assimilate
  7. astounding
  8. atheist
  9. augment
  10. avocation

Review proper punctuation for quotations and quotations including dialogue.

Analysis question completed in class for Word Nerd:

  1. “But, of course, telling me to stay away from Cosmo was like telling a kid not to lick a metal fence post in the middle of winter” (52). Ambrose and Cosmo form an unlikely friendship. Why was Ambrose initially so interested in Cosmo?

    Compare and contrast these two characters and explain why you think they had such a strong connection. How do they “save” one another from the problems each were facing? Identify an example in the story where Cosmo rescues Ambrose and vice versa and provide a properly cited quotation, including page number.

English 8: 

Copy spelling words (quiz at the start of class Friday):

  1. typical
  2. until
  3. unusual
  4. usually
  5. valuable
  6. vegetable
  7. Wednesday
  8. writing
  9. beginning
  10. believe

Collect short story textbooks and update book cards. If you forgot your book today, please bring it on Wednesday.

Creative writing prompt #1:

You’re a critic, reviewing the movie of your life. Write a thumbs up review. Now a thumbs down one.

If you missed today’s class, please write the following prompt and bring it with you to class on Weds and we’ll add it to your portfolio. 

Remaining class time to work on short story rough drafts.

May (the) 4th (be with you), 2023

English 12 (1 &2):

Ch 14 reading quiz at the start of class.

Composition portfolio: brainstorming assignment. If you were absent from today’s class, please have this brainstorm complete for Tuesday’s class.

CRITERIA: Continuing our focus on the various stages of planning required for good writing, you are to create a brainstorm that outlines the very individual reactions of Liang, Jung-Sum and Sekky to the passing of their grandmother.

Your brainstorm should reflect a deep knowledge of each of the character’s unique relationship with their grandmother.

Source 3-4 quotes for each child to offer support for your assertions about their relationships.

This will be an ongoing piece of work which will be kept in your composition portfolio in my room.

English 9H:

Silent reading.

Read p. 198-224 in Word Nerd. Journal #8.

Remaining class time to work on Journals #7 and #8.

English 8:

Silent reading.

The majority of students missed class today to attend the Gr 8 track meet. Remaining students worked on completing the planning sections of the short story project and began their rough drafts. We will continue with our drafts on Monday.

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