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Youth Week Logo Designs

Burnaby Youth Week Logo Contest

Maywood Community School Designs 👏

Great work Divisions 1 & 2!
Your logo designs have been submitted to the City of Burnaby’s Youth Week Committee!
You all did an amazing job in designing your own logos for Burnaby’s Youth Week Logo Contest!
 Take a look at our creative work!

City of Burnaby – Youth Week Logo Contest

Review contest details above

Hello class! We have been working away on our logo designs for the past month.


A reminder that we will be submitting our logos this week! 🎨🖼️

Please SHARE your designs as a CANVA SHARED LINK by Wednesday, March 3rd. 


  1. Login to with your school email account.
  2. Under the “Home” tab, click onto “All your designs”
  3. To select the logo design(s) you would like to share, click on the “…” icon
  4. Then select “Get sharable link” (the link is now copied)
  5. Email the link to: by Wednesday, March 3, 2021, 3pm.

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