Do images have an inner meaning?

Credit: “Class Act” by Jerry Craft

What do our actions and words say about our awareness for others?

How can we become a more accepting, respectful, and inclusive community?

On Black Shirt Day, we stood together to act on acceptance and to respect our forever-growing, diverse community. We took a look at this visual prompt and discussed about appropriate communication and what respect should be. We also shared stories of when we felt disrespected or felt powerless.

Here were some of the questions we reviewed in class:

  • What message do you think these panels from the book are trying to convey?
  • How do they relate to or comment on society or current events?
  • Can you relate to what’s depicted here personally?
  • What is your opinion of the message?

We will be writing a first-person (personal) paragraph response next class.


  • Think about your past and personal experiences
  • Think about your identity – what does your identity mean to you?
  • Think about the community around you (Maywood, Vancouver, BC, Canada, home country)


  • I will give you a brainstorming sheet
  • Write down the main idea in bullet-point form

Complete a paragraph response draft

See you all next week!

Ms. Yeh