Tuesday June 23, 2020

Hi class,

There is no “assignments” today. As we are nearing the end of our school year, I have reflected on my year at Capitol Hill and I just wanted to tell you all that my year was one of the most special years ever. After moving from school to school for the past 5 years, I have finally found a home in Capitol Hill and will love to continue to learn with you all next year. Thank you all for making my experience here so positive. I hope you all get some rest this summer and not get too bored. Tomorrow on Mrs. Armstrong’s website, there will be our final class meeting.

In the meantime, here are a few links to some games you can play:

  1. Jeopardy: https://jeopardylabs.com/browse/
  2. Family Feud: https://zone.msn.com/en/familyfeud/default.htm
  3. Retro Games: (AKA- Pokemon, Mario, Smash Bros): https://emulatoronline.com/
  4. Sudoku: https://www.websudoku.com/
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Thursday June 18th, 2020 (Zoom workout @11 am)

Good Morning everyone! One last workout today with the class, hope to see you there.

Join Zoom Meeting @ 11:00 am

Meeting ID: 784 3438 8267
Password: 6gdNFZ

Workout Routine

  • 15 squat jumps
  • 5 push ups
  • 25 high knees
  • 7 burpees
  • 10 lunges
  • 7 squats
  • 5 push ups
  • 10 lunges
  • 5 push ups
  • 7 squats
  • 15 squat jumps
  • 1 minute wall sit
  • 5 push ups
  • 25 knees
  • Repeat 2 times (if we have enough time)
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Tuesday June 16, 2020

Good Morning everyone,

Only two more weeks left until summer vacation. Well, Summer at least because I don’t know if any of us will be allowed to go on vacation. Today is a more relaxed day as we are done our readings of Charlotte’s Web. I hope you all get to go outside and enjoy some of the sun finally!

1. Charlotte’s Web (Paragraph writing):

In your blog post today, I want you to think about the whole story before you write a short paragraph answering the following questions.

Friendship is a major theme of the novel. Can you talk about one friendship from the story and what they did for each other in the friendship? Why was their friendship so good? Did they trust each other? Did they help each other during a hard time? Think about what the word “friend” means to you. Who are your friends? Why are they your friends? What does friendship mean to you?

Please answer most or all of the questions above in a full paragraph. (Yes, this is the last paragraph you’ll have to write this school year, I promise!)

2. ART: How to draw Wilbur and Charlotte

Here is an opportunity for you to try and draw out an image from Charlotte’s Web! Best of luck and have fun with it! You can send me your pictures to my email: justin.wu@burnabyschools.ca

3. Brainteasers! ( I will post the answers at 3 pm today)

A mystery word worksheet from our collection of #Brainteasers for kids


A mystery word worksheet from our collection of #Brainteasers for kids


4. Charlotte’s Web Movie

I’m sorry I couldn’t find the link to the newer version of this movie, but here is the original cartoon version made by Paramount back in 1973. That’s 20 years before I was born, so this is really old! Anyways, hope you enjoy the movie! Try to make a snack to eat while you watch this movie. (Example: ice cream sundae, some popcorn, nachos, chicken wings and fries if you’re feeling fancy, and maybe some candy?)

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Thursday June 11, 2020 (Zoom @ 11:00 am)

Hi class,

Today, we will have a Zoom Workout @ 11:00 am lead again by our very own: Lauryn and Sarah!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 752 2818 8029
Password: 8jP5Wt


For the rest of the day, please go to Mrs. Armstrong’s blog. Have a wonderful day!

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Tuesday June 9, 2020 (Zoom Read Aloud @ 11 am)

Good morning class, I miss you all and am hoping you’re doing good. I can’t wait to see you later on today during our Zoom meeting.

1. Charlotte’s Web (Chapter 22): Zoom Read Aloud @ 11 pm on Tuesday

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 777 3072 4969
Password: 4mbj8B

Click me to read: Chapter 22<—- click here


  1. Fern thought about the Fair and the Ferris wheel all the time (T or F)
  2. Wilbur felt protective about the egg sac (T or F)
  3. How much time passed between Charlotte dying and her children being born?
    1. A few months
    2. A few years
    3. A few days
  4. Explain how Wilbur was never without friends for the rest of his days?
  5. What happened after Charlotte’s children were born?
    1. Most of them looked for Charlotte
    2. Most of them left
    3. Most of them built webs in the barn
  6. What was NOT a reason that Wilbur had to go back to the farm?
    1. The men would come and put him into the crate
    2. The fairgrounds would be empty soon
    3. He needed to keep Fern compant
  7. What did you like about the ending to this story?
  8. If you could change one thing about the ending, what would it be?

2. Create a comic character (Then write a comic with 6 squares. Send to my email justin.wu@burnabyschools.ca)

Hi all,

I want you to create a comic character of yourself. After this, you will draw at least 6 boxes and create me a comic. Best of luck!

PE: Choose your workout, or do BOTH!

Today you have an option to do either workout, or do both, or do your own workout. The choice is yours!

4. Challenge (Optional)-Minute to Win it games

Look up a couple of these games and try them out with a sibling or a parent. Enjoy 🙂

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Thursday June 4, 2020 (Workout @ 10:00 am)

Good Morning everyone,

Today there will be a Zoom Meeting workout @ 10 a.m. This activity will be lead by none other than your two fellow classsmates: Lauryn and Sarah! Thank you so much ladies.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 757 6333 7687
Password: 7PqniA



For your other work today, check Mrs. Armstrong’s website please. Have a wonderful day! I’ll be in our classroom today.

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Tuesday June 2, 2020

Hi my wonderful people. This weekend was an eventful one as we finally got Callie! Yipee. She can’t wait to meet you all!

1. Charlotte’s Web (Chapter 21): Zoom Read Aloud @ 12:15 pm on Tuesday

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 780 1858 8171
Password: 3vDu6g

Click me to read: Chapter 21<—- click here


  1. Why did Charlotte do all of this to save Wilbur?
    1. he had asked her to
    2. it was her Magnum Opus
    3. She was his friend
  2. Why would Charlotte not be returning to the farm?
  3. How did Wilbur react?
  4. What did Wilbur need Templeton’s help with?
    1. Carrying Charlotte to the crate
    2. Getting the egg sac down
    3. Opening the crate door
  5.  Which was NOT a reason that Wilbur had to go back to the farm?
    1. The men would come and put him into the crate
    2. The fairgrounds would be empty soon
    3. He needed to keep Fern company
  6.  What is the the Chapter title? Think of a new title for it?
  7. Why did you choose the new title? Explain yourself.

2. Letter to COVID-19 (Post this on the blog)

Task: You will be asked to write a letter to COVID-19 talking to them about how it has affected your life, how your life looks now, how it affects schools, how it affects your parents working, how it affects you meeting up with friends, and many more.


Dear COVID-19,

Did you know that you’ve really affected my life and the whole entire world? You locked down the whole world since March, even though we knew about you in January. I can’t believe it has been this long that you’ve stuck around. I’m sick of it … and I’m sick of you. Can you please go away forever? We understand that we will all wash our hands more. We promise.  But something good that came out of this whole thing is that I can wear pajama’s to work, because I’m working from home. Another thing I love is that my wife and I got to pick up our little puppy and spend so much time with her. We are so happy about her and she is just an angel. Anyways COVID, please go away so the world can go back to normal now. Thank you very much.

-Mr. Wu

PE: 10 minute family fun cardio workout (beginner)

Hi all, there will be a workout on Thursday at 10:00 am, stay tuned…

4. Challenge (Optional): Building a card tower pyramid

Try to build the biggest card tower pyramid you can. I got to build one with 7 layers before Callie ran into it and the tower collapsed. I was upset, but then she gave me the doggy eyes. She’s way too cute.

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Thursday May 28, 2020

Good Morning Div 10. Today is a chill day, a little bit of reading, art and then a workout together. We will have to meet at 12:30 today for our workout.

1. Charlotte’s Web (Chapter )

Click me to read: Chapter 20<— click here


  1. How did Wilbur feel when he heard the speech? (there can be more than one answer)
    1. Happy
    2. Dizzy
    3. Worried
  2. Why was Mr. Zuckerman awarded the special prize by the Fair?
    1. For having the best big at the fair
    2. For attracting visitors to the fair
    3. For showing that spiders can write
  3. The announcer thanked Charlotte for writing the words in her web (True or False)
  4. Templeton did not stay to watch Wilbur win his award (True or False)
  5. Fern did not stay to watch Wilbur win his award (True or False)
  6. What did Fern want to do instead of watch Wilbur get the prize?
  7. How did Templeton help when Wilbur fainted?
  8. Could Wilbur have won the prize without his friends’ help? Explain.
  9. Which characters enjoyed the crowd’s attention?

2. Art Attack (15 minutes)

Today you will be drawing and colouring a wonky and crazy Zombie creation as seen in the video. Best of luck and send in your funny pictures to my email justin.wu@burnabyschools.ca

3. PE: 11 Kids Exercise to Lose Belly Fat at Home (12:30pm on Thursday)

Thank you Lauryn for this workout idea. I’ll see you all at 12:30 pm.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 710 1612 5288
Password: 4snNLr

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Tuesday May 26th, 2020

Good Morning class,

Hope you all had a decent weekend just hanging out and chilling, since it was quite wet and rainy out.

1. Charlotte’s Web (Chapter 19): Zoom Read Aloud @ 12:00 pm on Tuesday

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 783 8881 2486
Password: 6jdMaF

Click me to read: Chapter 19 <—- click here


  1. What was Charlotte’s Magnum Opus or great work?
  2. What did it look like?
  3. Put the events in the order that they happened
    • _____ There was a loud speaker announcement about Wilbur
    • _____ Templeton said the Uncle had won the first prize ribbon
    • _____ Charlotte felt sure that she had saved Wilbur’s life
  4. What was foreshadowed (when someone predicts something beforehand) in the chapter? Author use foreshadowing to give a hint about what will happen later.
    1. Templeton’s death
    2. Charlotte’s death
    3. Uncle’s death
  5. What happened that made Charlotte sure she had saved Wilbur
    1. The judge’s laughter
    2. The blue ribbon prize on his crate
    3. The loud speaker announcement

2. Creating a rap/song/poem

In this activity, you are to write a short rap, song, or poem about the topic that I will give you. You have to post your creation on this blog post.

Topic: How has Coronavirus made you feel


Weeks and weeks of this isolation where we stay at home,

The Coronavirus is no joke as the news has shown.

I sit at home waiting to return to school.

But let’s not take this lightly and make this idea look like a fool.

Even though people are allowed to see each other,

We must remain our distance from one another.

So let’s be safe and continue to stay home when we can,

Until we hear from the news that there is no Social Distancing ban.

I’ll see you soon but we must continue to believe,

That we will overcome Corona and all of it’s grieve.

3. PE: 15 minute whole body workout (beginner)



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Optional Activity: The Great Bake Off (Extended until Friday June 2, 2020)

Hi everyone,

As promised you will be getting a baking challenge for this weekend. This is optional and you do not need to participate if you are busy. You will have until Friday at 10am to hand in your submissions. Please send in your 3 pictures to justin.wu@burnabyschools.ca


  • only allowed to have 1 extra person helping
  • must use all 3 ingredients
  • can use any other materials or ingredients available at home
  • must take 1 picture of all your ingredients on the table
  • must take 1 funny picture of you baking
  • must take 1 picture of the final product

3 secret (not so secret anymore) ingredients:

  • Whipping cream
  • Lemon
  • 1 can of Coke or Sprite (you can choose and you don’t have to use the whole can)

Activity after you bake:

  1. Come up with a name for your product
  2. Come up with a price that you will sell it for (must reasonable or else you will not sell any of it and you’ll be broke)
  3. Explain where you would sell this product (ex. I am going to sell my product at Cactus Club for $5.99, because my creation will go nicely with their salads as it is not too heavy and it is low in calories.)

Lauryn’s Cake                                                       Liam’s Coke Float

Tina’s Brownie                                     Sarah’s Waffles with Coke on the side


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