Welcome to my class website! This school year will be a bit different from last year, but we can all adapt to a bit of change. We will be doing our best to social distance in the classroom and the school, and some students and staff will be wearing masks, which might make communication a bit more awkward (practice using those eyebrows for expression!). I think, though, that we can still build a fun classroom community and find ways to share ideas and enjoy some literature together.

I will be wearing a mask at school, so I have included a picture of myself here. Students are required to wear masks in the hallways, and are encouraged to wear a mask in the classroom if that makes them feel comfortable, as it is the best way to keep everyone safe.

This webpage will be an extension of our classroom, and you can find additional resources that can help you throughout the course.  Start out by checking the course “News” tab for your grade to find updates and the “Shape of the Week” schedule. I will post some handouts and readings here, and if you are away, you can find the resources to stay on track. We will also be using Microsoft Office 365 Teams throughout the course for some assignments, and you can find more instructions for using MS Office Teams on the Burnaby North website .

See you in class!

Mr. Williams