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Preparing for a great year

Dear Parents and Students, 

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

We are excited to begin a new school year! Mme Gillingham is already preparing the classroom and I am at a 2 day conference at SFU about learning to read in French Immersion. How lucky that we get to work as partners again this year. We hope you are enjoying this last week of summer holidays. 

À bientôt!

Mme Ubial et Mme Gillingham 

Nous sommes Terry Fox

Today we took a look at a school display about Terry Fox. One of the posters said “We are Canadian. We are Terry Fox.” That got us thinking. What did it mean, “nous sommes Terry Fox”? Division 11 students recognized that Terry was brave and determined and inspired a lot of people. Maybe we can do the same.

Thanks in advance to everyone bringing in donations for cancer research. Rafiki bracelets are also being sold with half of the money going to cancer research and the other half to drinking water in Ecuador through Free the Children. 

What we know.

How do we feel more included?

The feeling word we have been learning about for the past two weeks has been “INCLUS” or included. Since most of us can easily think of a time when we felt excluded, it’s important to know what we can do to feel included. In the book Petit Elliot dans la grande ville, by Mike Curato, the main character learns that reaching out to someone else is maybe the best way to go from feeling small and excluded to feeling important and included. Division 11 students were quick to identify this strategy for feeling more included. Now, we are inspired to try it out. 


Et toi, comment te sens-tu? How are you feeling?

Dear Parents,

Mood Metre

Today we settled into our new classes. This process comes with many different emotions for students and teachers alike! We used a “Mood Metre” or “Mesure de l’humeur” to plot how we were feeling this morning as we gathered in our new classroom. Emotional literacy is important to us at Inman. Several teachers are leading us in this area, as they have been trained through RULER, a program supported by the Yale Centre for Emotional Intelligence. RULER stands for Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling, Expressing, and Regulating emotions. To find out more, you can visit: RULER

As for my mood today? Despite some back-to-school jitters, I was delighted to meet our new students and had a wonderful first day with them. I am really looking forward to the year ahead. 

À bientôt!

Mme Ubial