Thursday June 11th, 2020

Hello Division 8! Here are today’s activities:

*This is a friendly reminder that there is a ZOOM Meeting at 1:00 PM for those who have signed up

  • Story writing (Work on good copy)
  • Daily 5
  • Math
  • Music
Math 2

Today you will play a "Ball Picking Machine" game. In the first part, you will be practicing using the terms: 

-Even chance (chances are equal)

In the second part, you will guess which colour ball will be chosen, then pull the lever to see if you were correct or not (Do this for 12 rounds). Notice if your guesses were similar or not to the machine's results.
Math 3

Today you will continue to practice drawing arrays, writing multiplication sentences, and writing addition sentences. Please fill out the table on the page below.

Multiplication as Repeated Addition_Grouping and Arrays

Melody Builder: do, mi, so

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