Friday June 12th, 2020

Happy Friday everyone! Here are the activities for today:

  • Spelling
  • Literacy (If you are finished your story, please complete one of the literacy activities below)
  •  Math
  • Read Aloud

Choose one from the choices listed:

Activities Choice-board 2
Math 2

Today you will practice probability terms in a game called "Vile Vendor." Try 5 rounds of the "Autofill" activity, then 5 rounds of the "Fill" activity.
Math 3

So far we have looked at multiplication in arrays and as repeated addition. Today we will look at multiplication as "equal groups of..."

Watch this video on Khan Academy, then do the practice page that come after:

Read Aloud

A message from Ms. Carson: 

"Are you wanting to hold real books???  Lucky for you, the Burnaby Public Library has started a Paper Bag Pickup for library books.  Plus you can return BPL items.  Go to their web page for more information:"

Cats are a Liquid

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