Halloween Party

Dear Parents,
I posted this information on the blog as well as following up with this quick note to let you know what is happening for Halloween.
At about 9:15 we will have a costume parade in the gym. Each class will walk around and model their costumes. Please ensure your child’s costume is school appropriate – no weapons or excessive gore. Masks/headpieces may be worn for the parade but not in the classroom.
At 1:00 we will have a party. There will be some treats and Halloween centers. If everyone brings treats there is far too much food, so I only have half the class bring for Halloween and the other half for Valentine’s. The following people are on for Halloween – Ari, Alekh, Brayden, Brigitta, Cameron, Cayenne, Celes, Ella, Gabriella, Indra. Please do not feel obligated to send something. If you are not on the list but you have a love for Halloween and really want to send something feel free to do so. Any leftover treats will be saved and shared on Tuesday.
Hope that helps.

Mrs. Stolb

Welcome to Division 11

Welcome to the blog for Division 11.  This is where you will find information about what is happening in the class.  This year we are a combined Grade 2/3 class.  
We have 20 students.  I am excited about working with everyone!

Students have learned the routines for most subjects.  They will bring home a list of spelling words on Monday.  They are expected to study these words for the spelling test Friday.  

We do not have a set library day.  Students are to bring back their books when they have finished reading them.  There is an open book exchange for them to get new books (Tuesday to Thursday).  

We have Family Reading on Friday mornings.  We welcome everyone in the family (siblings too).  Our mornings have been well attended.

We have PE on Wednesday and Friday.  Please make sure your child has appropriate footwear.

Your child is bringing home a planner.  It is very important for you to read the planner every day as important school messages will be written there.  Also, please sign the planner to let me know you have read the messages.  

Ask you child about our school theme of Safe, Kind and Fair.  We have talked about these themes in class.

Just a reminder that we are going skating on Tuesday.  

Watch for upcoming information on a Halloween party.

Hello Rec N Readers!

I am so happy to finally meet everyone in the program.  It is fun to get to know the children.  We have the children in reading groups that best fit their ability levels.  Please note that the books may seem a bit easy, but the goal is to have them read books they can read successfully.  Over the four weeks the books will get harder.  It is very important to do the homework every night and sign the sheet at the front.  The more they practice, the better your child’s reading will become.

If you have not returned the waiver, please send it back ASAP.  We are still missing several of them. 

Regular attendance is very important to the program.  If your child is going to be away, please call us to let us know.  If your child is not here, we will call home to check if we don’t hear from you. 

Awesome Apps


We have been using some apps on our classroom ipads which students are really enjoying.  They are free and most of them do not need internet access.  Check these out if you have time.

  • Math fight
  • mental math
  • IXL
  • monster math
  • sushi monster
  • grade 3 math
  • Kids A-Z
  • Voice record pro