Part-Time Back to School


What our classroom looks like now!  Two desks: one desk for each student in different cohorts.

Monday/Tuesday cohort making HEARTS with their hands sending good wishes to everyone!

This is a picture of where our class lines up before and after school AND at recess and lunch.  Each student has their own cone to stand next to

Gilmore Staff Parade

Thank you Gilmore Families for coming out to greet us with waving to us, signs and smiles!  It was so wonderful to see your faces as we drove by around the neighbourhood!  It was a beautiful day as the sun was shining and it reminded us what awesome families we have and that we


Ms. Barndt’s car is the blue one and Ms. Siu is in front of her in the silver car!!

Thank you Division 10 from Ms. Bowler

Hello Students

Thank you so much for your wonderful letters.  I enjoyed reading each one.  It was interesting to learn which part of the salmon dissection you found most interesting, your answers were all very different, and I could tell you learned a lot about salmon.

Your cards were amazing with art and colour and stories to tell.  I was impressed that you also decorated the envelopes.  Each letter was a pleasure to open and read and to admire your drawings and stories.

Thank you again for writing to me, it was so much fun to receive your letters.

Warm regards,

Bev Bowler, B.Ed, M.A.

A new term, a new beginning…

Spring is here and although our third term of school will look and feel much different this year, we will learn through distance education and keep in contact by technology!  This will be a new adventure for us teachers and we appreciate your patience with us as we get our class blog up and running!

This morning we went to our empty classrooms and felt sad to be there alone without all of you but the good news is that our salmon were happily swimming in the tank!!  We wanted to share the release process with you guys as you met them all when they were little eggs!  We took our own children out to Warner Lake and we released the alevin!!

Check out the Science section of the blog to see the pictures of our salmon!


Ms. Siu and Ms. Barndt