Story Workshop

Everyone has a unique story to share. 

Language and story can be a source of creativity and joy.


Story Workshop is an open ended structure that supports students as storytellers, authors and writers.  We use this structure inspired by a school called Opal from Portland, Oregon.  Students are invited to gather together to start with a provocation or inspiration (perhaps a story, a new piece of fabric, an artifact or object).  This inspiration sparks our thinking and excitement to retell a story we know or create a new story using our creative thinking and imagination.  


– plan
– create using loose parts, paint, drawing, plasticine, fabrics 
– record our stories by writing, drawing or representing our ideas on paper
– share our story during Story Congress where we provide and receive feedback about our story


Why is story workshop important to us?

”Story Workshop is making stories and it helps you be like authors”

”When you’re writing your story it helps you with letters”

”We use our hands and our mouths to tell a story and my feet to walk to get the materials”

”Creative thinking helps me make some ideas that I want to learn”

”I use my brain for story workshop to think first and then make a story”