Literacy Day

Monday was Literacy Day at Gilmore Community School.  We had two Guest Readers visit our class who provided some excellent insight into how reading has impacted them throughout their lives.  Oscar’s Mom, Jen Sookfong Lee talked about writing and reading with the students and shared parts of her book called Chinese New Year; A Celebration for Everyone.  Then Winnie Tam from Artspace: Children’s Art Centre spoke about how reading has shaped her life and she read us the funny story called The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszka.  We also had a school wide Drop Everything And Read event when we got to share books with our Grade 7 buddies.  The students get along so well with their buddies, the time spent reading books together is so valuable and the students were so engaged.  Attached are some pictures of the students from Div. 8 with their buddies and one picture of the students who dressed up as a character from a book.  We had a fantastic Literacy Day!


Skating Field trip

Parents of Division 8:

Thank you to the huge group of parents who volunteered to drive for our skating field trip today!  We appreciate you taking time out of your day to join us in the fun of skating.  The students had a great time and are already looking forward to the next skating date on Wednesday, February 21st.


Jingle Bell Walk – Thank you!

Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who helped with the Jingle Bell Walk!  You either helped us during the walk, drove the car, served hot chocolate, put out things for us to collect or helped with the sorting in the gym.  We appreciate all that you do for our school and this community.  We hung around in the gym so that we could get seconds of hot chocolate, which the kids loved.  This is a picture of them enjoying their well deserved hot chocolate.

Our Signed Class Contract

I am sending you a picture of our big, signed Class Contract that all of the students came up with together. It will be visible in our classroom for the students. We will refer to it when we are doing a great job of being safe, kind and fair as well as when we need reminders. A copy that will be signed by all of the students will also be coming home with your child so that you know what s/he has agreed to in relation to her/his behaviour this year. Please keep it somewhere safe and review it in the future if need be.

Feeling Fish Art with our Buddy Class

Here are some pictures of the students in Division 8 working with their buddies on their feeling fish.
They work so well together! Ask your child her/his buddy’s name (some students have two buddies).
Ask your child which feeling they are representing in their fish. I sure hope I didn’t miss anyone!

Our Class Contract

Welcome to Division 8’s class blog!

As this is only my second attempt at a blog, please be patient with me. Just like your children, I am new to this process and it is a huge learning curve. This is our way of inviting you into our classroom and connecting you to your child’s visible learning moments. You will be able to see your child as an active learner in a variety of learning situations. It is another way for us to share your child’s learning journey and gives you information that can be further discussed at home. You can access this information anytime and from any device. Remember to share our blog with your child and ask lots of questions! We invite you to post comments to the blog if you wish. Thank you for being a part of your child’s learning.

These current pictures were taken during the writing of our class contract. This is part of the Social Studies unit that focuses on coming to a consensus about how we want our class to run this year. In addition, we are learning about the Social Responsibility Core Competency that emphasizes developing awareness and taking responsibility for their social, physical and natural environments by working independently and collaboratively for the benefit of others, communities and the environment.

The students came up with all of the important things to remember when being an active citizen in our school and classroom. We then decided on the most important ideas in order to come up with our contract for the year. All of the students were involved during this decision making. Once the final choices were made, we all added our names to the class contract. A signed copy will also be coming home with your children so that you know what s/he has agreed upon for the year in our class. Our expectations are now set and we will help your child to make good choices for her/his learning. Of course, reminders will have to be given along the way and it is through our mistakes that we can learn for the future.

Ms Shellard and Ms Girn

Happy Summer everyone!

Hello everyone from Division 8:

This is my final post for the year.  I hope you are all enjoying your hot summer so far!

I am attaching some pictures from our trip to Confederation Park.  I hope I got everyone!  The pictures are great and the kids look so happy. I wanted to share them with you. What a fantastic trip we had.  Thank you to all of the parents who came along for the fun and for all of the food contributions.

Have a wonderful summer!  Keep up with those button blankets and remember we will be showing them at an assembly in September.

I encourage you all to respond to your child’s eportfolio post about the Core Competencies.  Please email me if you are unsure how to do this.  Thank you!

Kelly Shellard


Button Blanket Finale

Dear Parents of Division 8:

Our button blankets are almost done for this school year and don’t they look fantastic!!!  We are so proud of the students in this class.  They have all learned to sew buttons, tie knots and create their own button blanket design. They have shown great determination and perseverance.  I have invited the students to continue to work on them at home over the summer break.  Please let me know in your child’s planner if you would like me to send home some buttons with her/him.  We will be sharing our button blankets with the school at the first Celebration of Learning Assembly in September.

A big thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who helped us this week!  They all noticed today that the students needed less and less of their help.   

Your child’s eporfolio has now been updated with an individual and more close up picture of their button blanket.  A gentle reminder about the blog post last week that encourages you to respond to your child’s eportfolio post.



We continue to sew our button blankets!

Dear Parents of Division 8:

Our button blanket project continues in our class and it is most definitely a sight to see! Here are some more pictures as we continue our sewing journey. What a calm and focused classroom we have! Thank you to all of the parents and grandparents who continue to help us with our project. Your help has been invaluable! As you can see from these pictures, the students have learned many skills and are becoming more independent by the day. Our last sewing day at school will be next Tuesday after recess. Please join us if you would like!

Your child has prepared an assessment in relation to the creation of her/his button blanket, using the Positive Personal & Cultural Identity Core Competency. You will see the link at the end of your child’s report card and many of you will have already read her/his first draft online. Next week we will be adding a picture to go along with the assessment, once we have added more buttons to our blankets.  

One of the reasons we chose to use digital portfolios in our class this year is that it gives parents the ability to have conversations with your child about her/his learning. The simple act of parents leaving comments on a child’s portfolio cannot be overstated. It serves to highlight accomplishments, connect real evidence of learning and areas which may need focus. However, most importantly, it shows your child the importance and value of learning from the parent’s perspective. Once your child posts her/his picture of their button blanket, we encourage you to have this conversation with your child and leave a comment on their eportfolio. Thank you for your support with your child’s learning. 

New Gilmore Mural Project

Parents of Division 8:

We hope you will come by to see the new murals the school and community have designed and created. Last week, we practiced first on paper by designing what would go around the mandala. We then did a print of a random mandala onto the mural (each child in the primary classes created a mandala). After rubbing the print onto  wall, we painted around the print with our own design. These pictures represent the process. Come to the school to see all of the new murals up close!