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Hello Families!

Once again summer is over and school has started.

I hope you were able to spend lots of time with loved ones this summer.

I have been busy helping the new kindergarten children and teachers in their classes.

There will be no drop-in StrongStart this year.

Please find lots of details about this year and how to register for StrongStart here.

Once your registration is processed I will notify you in an email or phone call and book a day for you to come to StrongStart.

I am very excited to have my room open this year.

This year when you come on your booked day, your session will be from 9:30am-11:30am.






Goodbye for now……

Well friends this will be my last post.

I hope you all have a wonderful summer with friends and family as restrictions allow.

I also hope that you experience some joyful moments with your child(ren) as you play together.

I have no concrete picture of what the fall looks like yet.

Around the middle of August the district will post details on their website.

Please click here to go directly to that page!

Looking forward to seeing you in-person soon!

Goodbye for now, Teacher Beth.

Another Giant Bubble Recipe

I love promoting activities where adults and children enjoying playing together.

Bubbles never grow old and especially big ones!!!

Another StrongStart Educator told me about an amazing bubble recipe she used.

This one has a few more ingredients than the recipe I posted awhile back.

If you are looking to experiment and try a new recipe click here!!

The glycerin ingredient unfortunately is not cheap but a key ingredient.

You can find it in most pharmacies!

Happy bubble making!!!!

Coffee Filter Art

The kindergarten class has been learning amazing things about butterflies.

I had the privilege of making butterflies with them and exploring what

happens when you use washable markers and water on a coffee filter.

Here are the main materials we used:


  1. Place the coffee filter on a tray (colour bleeds through and this catches water)
  2. Colour on the filter

3.  Then spray the coffee filter or use an eye dropper to drop water onto the filter

4.  Dry the filter

5.  Leave it as is or make it into a flower or butterfly or…….

So amazing to watch the water spread the colours!

Happy experimenting!!!!

And don’t shy away from using black it has the best surprise!

Don’t have a spray bottle?

Don’t worry!! On a rainy day take your coloured filter outside

and watch what happens.

The Value of Sleep for Children and Adolescents

Many of us know sleep is important but do we really actually get

the amount of sleep our brain and body requires?

I just watched a webinar from Strong Minds, Healthy Kids called

 A relaxed Brain is the Most Comfortable Pillow:

The Value of Sleep for Children and Adolescents. 

This webinar isn’t just focused on children and adolescents it

is helpful for adults too!

Dr. Macdonald (a registered psychologist) talks about the value of a restful

sleep and strategies how to get a solid night’s sleep.

I have been using some of his techniques to help me fall asleep.

They have been super helpful.

You can watch the webinar  here!

What Sounds Do You Hear?

The past two weeks in our outdoor sessions we read the book:
The Listening Walk by Paul Showers

After reading the story we covered our eyes to help us use our ears!
Then we went on a listening walk of our own.
To play with sound, each family received a variety of materials.
They hung them like mobiles  from the trees and then explored how each of them sounded.

What do you have in your home that you could hang and explore sound with?

Giant Bubbles

I love bubbles!!

I posted this video last June.

I wanted to re-post it incase you missed it.

Don’t miss the recipe below the video


Recipe for Giant Bubbles:   

  • 6 cups of warm water
  • 1/2 cup of blue Dawn original dishwashing detergent
  • 1 TBSP of corn syrup (or glycerin, if you happen to have some)

Mix all of the ingredients gently. Here is the secret: The bubble liquid gets better the longer it sits! It should marinate overnight at least.  Tip: Just dip wands into the solution don’t stir or swish. It creates small bubbles and stops working. Enjoy!

Happa Zome with the Kindergarten Class

This morning I was with one of our kindergarten classes and we did Happa Zome art. Please see my previous post to find out more about this Japanese art form.




Today I was surprised by the aroma when I hung them in the classroom!




Each time I do this I am so amazed at the colours and patterns that transfer onto the paper.

Today I folded the paper to see what would happen……


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