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Goodbye For Now…..

Dear Families,

This has for sure been a year like no other.  I have truly missed each of you and can’t wait to see you again.

For those children moving on to Kindergarten in September I wish you all the best.  I have loved journeying with you and watching you blossom.  For those children going to Kindergarten at Second Street I will see you in September!!! For the past two years I have had the privilege of supporting the Kindergarten teachers during the gradual entry process. It is definitely a highlight to help transition StrongStart graduates!!

I know many have questions about what September looks like for StrongStart. So at the end of August I encourage you to check out this link as is will have the most updated information for you.

StrongStart BC Early Learning Centres

If you need any parenting support during the summer, Information Children would like you to know about their helpline.  You can access it at 778-782-3548. 

Have a wonderful summer,

Teacher Beth



Sing Through the Summer With Teacher Beth

Zoom circle times are done for the summer.

Thanks to all those who joined me each week.

It was always so wonderful to see your faces!

For my last blog post I have recorded 5 movement songs for you

to sing-a-long in your homes this summer!

The Wheels on the Bus, Up Down Turn Around, ABC’s, Tick Tock and Zoom, Zoom,Zoom!!

Painting with Objects at Home

There are many objects in your home you can use to make prints!

All you need is washable paint, objects and paper!

Here are some objects I found in my home!

Toilet paper rolls are great because they give little hands a nice big handle and can be bent in a variety of ways to create different shapes.

I cut one of my tubes and put a plastic shopping bag in the other!

Look what happens when you use paint!


Summer Reading Club

Burnaby Public Library is launching their

Summer Reading Club June 15, 2020

Check out the details and how to register here:

The Burnaby Librarians have created a video of 3 helpful tips when reading to your child.

They made it for children going into Kindergarten but it is very applicable for preschoolers!

Please take a look here:


If you are needing some book recommendations here is

Jamie from Tommy Douglas Library!


Making Giant Bubbles with Teacher Beth!!!


Recipe for Giant Bubbles:   

  • 6 cups of warm water
  • 1/2 cup of blue Dawn original dishwashing detergent
  • 1 TBSP of corn syrup (or glycerin, if you happen to have some)

Mix all of the ingredients gently. Here is the secret: The bubble liquid gets better the longer it sits! It should marinate overnight at least.  This solution gets better with age and should last awhile! Tip: Just dip wands into the solution don’t stir or swish. It creates small bubbles and stops working. Enjoy!

How to Make a Giant Bubble Wand


Indoor Active Fun

It can be challenging to be indoors for long periods of time, especially  when your little one is active and needs space to move.

All children need opportunities to be physically active in order to :

*Discover the connection this creates between themselves and the world

*Learn how and why their bodies move to reduce the chances of injury later in life

*Build the competence and confidence that comes with being physically literate

Check out these physically active games that you can play inside!

Six Indoor Active Games for Preschoolers

Repurposing Scrap Wood

Looking for an activity for you to do alone or with your child?

Do you have any scrap wood at home?

I found some and turned them into houses!!!

Can’t wait to have you and your children play with these when we all return to StrongStart



                 7 easy steps!

  1. Cut roof tops
  2. Sand wood
  3. Paint houses
  4. Drill hole for chimney
  5. Cut and paint wooden dowel
  6. Glue in chimney with wood glue
  7. Paint windows and doors
  8. Paint with clear protective paint like Modge Podge (optional)

Discovering Child Behaviour

A few years ago I had the chance to listen to

Sharon Selby, a registered Clinical Counsellor, speak on Anxiety.

I loved Sharon’s wisdom, and soft spoken nature.

On her blog she has written many articles that I could identify with as a mom and educator.

Please check out the article below about behaviour and what is really beneath it.

In this article she refers to the Iceberg Theory which has helped me understand

children’s behaviour and influenced the way I react to it.

On her blog she has many other great articles about anxiety, attachment, behaviour,

discipline, education, play, self-regulation and resilience.

Types of Child Behaviour and the Deeper Meaning – Iceberg Theory

A Sensory Activity for Babies…..

I would love to share with you an activity one of my StrongStart colleagues

created and posted on her blog.

Gael is the StrongStart facilitator at Chaffey-Burke StrongStart.

It captured my attention and imagination and made

me wonder the endless possibilities of things you could put in the ziploc bag!!

It also made me wonder what other materials you could use instead of water!


Okay my littlest friends… This activity is for you 🙂

Go for a walk and collect a few nature pieces… a stick… a petal… a few leaves…

Grab a large ziplock bag, a big glass of water and some wide packing or masking tape. I used a little rubbing alcohol to wipe away the ziploc label but if you don’t have it at home just skip this step!

Place all your treasures inside the bag along with the water.

Gently squeeze the air out of the bag. Take the tape and seal the bag onto the floor. Take another piece of tape and place it on the bottom of the bag.

(I only had hockey tape left)

Lie down baby and let them explore with their hands.

Feel free to add other treasures!

By Gael

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