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Exploring in Kindergarten

Friends exploring  around the room with magnifying glasses.

The work of kindergarten is exploration – exploring spaces, ideas, feelings, friends, imagination, materials, and so much more! Exploration is built deeply into everything we do in kindergarten, as students take their rightful place as fellow explorers in their own education. By teaching children how to explore, we are teaching them the lifelong skill of how to learn, building a foundation of curiosity and a joy of discovery.

A huge leaf!

Div. 27 will spend this year wondering – asking questions and figuring out how to seek answers. We won’t always be right, but we will be determined to have fun! And every mistake we make along the way is an opportunity to learn and grow.

So far, we have been busy exploring fall (Science), patterns (Math), and letters (English Language Arts). We are exploring what it means to be a member of our classroom community by tapping into our inner super powers for calm and kindness (Social Studies). We are exploring how to use our bodies inside and outside the classroom and how to help keep each other safe at school (Physical and Health Education) .

Exploring the playground equipment in the courtyard at recess.

At home, our families can help us develop as explorers by exploring with us! When we have adventures as a family, we do a number of things:

– Model what it looks like to look closely, ask questions, and be excited about learning new things.

– Develop new experiences to draw from when making connections to books or when writing stories.

– Growing important vocabulary (foundational both for students whose first language is English and for those who English is an additional language).

Exploring in the forest.

When you have adventures as a family, whether it be a trip to the beach, a backyard bug hunt, or a family vacation, engage your child by having them draw about what they experienced. This representation is a form of early writing, and as they develop in their skills, they will begin to add letters and inventive spelling to their paper. You can also take pictures of your adventures and review them later with your child, having them orally describe what they did and explored. Ask them questions, engaging them with thoughts on what they discovered and what they still wonder about.


Enjoy exploring, friends!

-Ms. Osiris

Div. 27: Off to a great start!

Today is our second day with our (mostly) full class, and things are going well! Students are making new friends, adjusting to having more bodies in the room, and learning routines. We will continue to have additional students trickle in over the next coming weeks and months, with all transition students in no later than mid-December. So our Div. 27 family will continue to grow!

The focus of these first few weeks is building classroom community and learning what is expected in Kindergarten. We will be discussing our behaviour in terms of finding our inner super hero – what makes you a star at school? To reinforce at home, families can use the language of “star behaviour” or “kindergarten super powers” when their child is helpful, brave, or kind.

With the recent wet weather, we are finding that some students are coming to school not prepared to play outside in the rain. Please ensure that your child has waterproof boots and a rain jacket each day. Waterproof pants or a muddy buddy are highly recommended and can be left at school with their extra change of clothes.

Another couple of housekeeping reminders:

  • Please make a School Cash Online account and log on. There you will find some digital forms that we need you to complete as soon as possible.
  • Please pay $25 on School Cash Online for Kindergarten Supplies. It will be open for payment until September 30.
  • There is no school tomorrow (Friday, September 25) due to a Professional Development Day.
  • Monday, September 28 is our first full day together! Please take note of your arrival and dismissal time, which is staggered based on your child’s last name. Last names beginning with A-L arrive at 8:55 and dismiss by 2:50; last names beginning with M-Z arrive at 9:05 and dismiss by 3:02.

Today, students will be bringing home an information letter for families – please read over it, and let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you for supporting your child!

Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year, Div. 27!

Hello new families!

Welcome to Div. 27 at Taylor Park! I am so happy to be your child’s teacher this year, and am excited to get to know them and your family. This will certainly be a memorable year, both as your child’s first experience in elementary school, and trying to navigate kindergarten during an unprecedented time in global history.

As a community of families, our guiding principles this year will need to be Patience and Understanding – as we work to figure out how to teach and learn in a new never-before experienced environment, we will take things slow. We recognize that situations will shift over time; some changes may happen gradually and sometimes quiet suddenly. I keep saying that I am practicing Teacher Yoga, because I need to be flexible in my thinking and my practice, ready to adapt as needed!

You will receive more information soon regarding schedules, routines, and how I run my practice, but for now I just wanted to welcome you to our school, to our classroom, and to our bubble!


Ms. Osiris

Weekly Learning Plan for the last week of school!

Hi Families!

We did it, we’ve reached the last week of school! I’m so proud of all the students, and couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful group of families to go through this unprecedented experience with – Thank you!

A few reminders for this week:

  • Please sign-up for a time to pickup your child’s report card, end of the year gift, and other items still remaining in the classroom (happening outside our room Wednesday)
  • Final Class Meeting on Wednesday at 2:00
  • Whole-school Celebration of Learning Assembly is happening Thursday morning (contact the office to sign up)

Thank you for being amazing!

-Ms. Osiris

Weekly Learning Plan for the last week of school!

Weekly Learning Plan for June 15-19

Hi Families,

Here is our weekly learning plan for our last full week of school! Can you believe the year is almost over?!

This week we have a look at three different celebrations happening in June: National Indigenous People’s Day (June 21), Father’s Day (June 21), and Pride (month-long)! One of my favourite things about sharing celebrations with students is sharing different cultures, communities, and ways of being. I feel so privileged to work in one of the most culturally and linguistically diverse cities in the country – making sure children know how much diversity of human experience is out there is a crucial step in that ensuring love, peace, and acceptance blossom in our neighbourhoods.

Much love,

-Ms. Osiris

Weekly Learning Plan June 15-19

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Weekly Learning Plan for June 8-12

Hi families!

Welcome to week 2 of our blended distance and on-site learning! It was lovely to see some of you last week at school; things are quite a bit different, but Ms. McCarthy and I are doing our very best to make sure students have fun. We are fast approaching the end of the school year – I almost can’t believe that Div. 27’s kindergarten year is almost done… Wow, they have all come so far! I know that is in large part to the incredible support that families have been providing at home, so thank you!!

This week’s learning plan is a little different than usual. One of the things that I do in my program during “normal times” is make sure that our classroom is responsive – that means observing the students’ interests and designing activities that tap into and support those passions.

I also am certain to be responsive to important events happening around us – in our community, in our country, and in our world. What I know to be true about children and their growth is that they are always smarter and more resilient than we tend to give them credit for; as we build their social and emotional intelligence, we are building their sense of responsibility and citizenship. This is difficult work, especially with younger children, who need complex topics presented in meaningful but age-appropriate ways. But we cannot shy away from this task – it is too vital and children are too important.

This week, we are focusing on diversity as a response to everything happening across North America. Discussing race and racism with children isn’t easy but it is necessary – as such, this week begins with a bit of homework for the adults in the family, an article to help support you as we all raise a generation of anti-racist children together. I am here to support any families who wish to dive deeper into anti-racist education with their children – please feel free to reach out for additional resources or to have a conversation about how to approach this topic.

Thank you for your continued support and love.

-Ms. Osiris

Weekly Learning Plan for June 8-12

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Weekly Learning Plan for May 25-29

Hi Families,

Here is the weekly learning plan for this week! This week we are continuing our investigations about weather and measurement. I have also included our Core Competency Self-Reflection that I would appreciate before the end of this week.

Thank you!

-Ms. Osiris

Weekly Learning Plan for May 25-29

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Core Competency Self-Assessments

Hello again my wonderful families!

As we near the end of the school year, we are beginning to think about our time in kindergarten together and reflect on what we have done and ourselves as learners. I am going to need families’ help with an important step in our year-end reporting process!

We are required by the Ministry of Education to do a Self-Assessment on Core Competencies in our final term (you can find information about what they are here: We don’t necessarily use core competency language with kindergarten students, but we do practice them all the time. You may recognize them from our term overviews.

They fall into three main categories:

  • Communication
  • Thinking
  • Personal and Social


I am asking families to speak with their child and ask them “What kind of learner are you?” We touched on this a little bit in our class meeting this week.

  • Are you a good communicator? Can you share your ideas to your friends? Can you work well and share ideas when you play and explore? Are you a good listener? (Communication)
  • Are you a good thinker? Can you ask good questions and explore different things? Can you think creatively and come up with new ideas? (Thinking)
  • Are you a kind and confident friend? Can you notice your feelings and work to calm your body when needed? Do you like to help others? (Personal and Social)

I have a list of books that we have read in class already that you can read with your child again to help prompt them to talk about these different skills. You can choose to read one book that fits with the theme they choose, or you can read all of them! Rereading familiar books is always fun.

Once they have read the book, have them reflect on the main character – what kind of person is the character? Are they creative, kind, clever, curious? What do you do that is similar to that character?

Record a short video of them talking about themselves and what kind of learner they think they are. Have them reflect on what they do at school or at home that shows it! Upload your video to their Fresh Grade page so that I can see it.

Thank you for your help and support!



Here is our book list by topic:

  • Collaboration – Knit Together (available through a video I uploaded to Fresh Grade)
  • Thinking – Rosie Revere, Engineer and Ada Twist, Scientist (available on Epic!)
  • Personal and Social – Red, A Crayon’s Story and Super Manny Stands Up (available on YouTube here and here

There is a great bonus book for Personal and Social that I found, although we haven’t read it before! If you want, you can check out The Buddy Bench on Epic!)

Are you a critical thinker like Ada?

Are you a creative thinker like Rosie?

Are you a communicator and collaborator?

Are you confident like Red learned to be?

Are you a responsible and kind friend like Manny?

Are you inclusive and welcoming like these students?

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