I can not wait to see you again!  Music will look a bit different.  We have chairs instead of risers.  We also have a big space which neither of us can go in!  In order for all of us to be safe since I teach the whole school we will have to stay 2 metres apart at all times.  I will be wearing a mask and face shield to help keep me well and my family too.

Be certain that through this big switch back to school I will care for you and we will use Music to help get this through this, together.

Learning Menus

I’ve loved trying to create menus that you would enjoy yet also have meaning in these Covid19 times.

With the return to school I now have new duties so no more Learning Menus will be created.  If you wish, go back and try an activity you haven’t done yet!

Please come to our online Music class if they are in your schedule.

I miss you and am thinking of you!

Music Monday May 4

This weeks learning menu from Mrs. Nordstrand has activities to celebrate Music Monday.

Each year all over the world people gather to celebrate the importance of Music education for children.  Usually, we would be together in the gym sharing our songs and talents with one another.

This year, you are invited to participate by drawing a picture of a favourite part of music class.  Or if you have a different idea or way to share about Music class feel free to email it to Mrs. Nordstrand.

A gallery will be created on the Music blog and a video created of the submissions.

Don’t miss the chance to share your voice in Music Monday this year.

For more information on Music Monday click here.

Smooth Start

Hi all!

We hope you are doing well!  We want you to have a really smooth start with your activities your teachers will provide so we are not adding any new activities here until April 16.

Here is a message just from Mme Hesketh!


I  have missed your smiling faces, your beautiful singing and your amazing dance moves! I am so happy that I can join Mrs. Nordstrand’s blog so we can all share together.

To our primary students and anyone who wants to join:

Here is a little sing along to get you started. I challenge you to create your own “flying dance moves” as you  have the song playing as well. Feel that beat! 🙂

 More to come soon, stay healthy. We miss you.

Mme. Hesketh