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Adventures in Division 2

SFU Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology

Today we went on the first field trip in nearly 2 years!

We caught the 144 SFU bus just after attendance.  We certainly lucked out with the weather; it was a beautiful, crisp day! After a short bus ride, we arrived at the museum.  We were greeted by Mr. Rondeau and Veronica who talked to us about the museum and some of the artifacts there.  We were especially interested in the Namu wall exhibit, an actual archaeological dig that has been transported to the museum.  This dig represents evidence of people living 9000 years ago in what is now BC!

Students explored the museum by completing scavenger hunt questions and choosing an artifact to draw, write observations, and make inferences about.

Mr. Rondeau ended by showing the class a new piece of technology he has just received for underwater archaeology: an ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) that can explore the depths of underwater sites!  Mr. Rondeau complimented the students on their respectful behaviour and was very impressed with their questions and observations.

We caught the bus back to school and arrived during lunchtime.  It was a wonderful day!


How we want to feel…

Yesterday, Mrs. Venos asked the students to write on sticky notes the top 2 ways they wanted to feel this year in our class.  We had a great discussion about their choices.  We continue to build a community that reflects these values and where we can all feel the way we want to feel while at school.  Thank you, Division 2!!

Our results:

Included 17

Safe  15

Respected 9

Comforted/comfortable 4

Noticed 3

Happy 3

Like I have friends 3

Challenged 2

also, Confident, Helpful, Useful, Trusted, Cared for, Like I have someone to talk to, and not alone.

Sports Day final points….

Congratulations to the Blue team who are the 2021 Sports Day Champions!  And congratulations to all the teams for their sportsmanship and great participation. Thank you to Mr. Kelsey and the committee for figuring out a way for us all to have Sports Days this year.

Sports Days

Sports Day looked very different this year!

Our grade 6/7 classes created names for each house team based on the theme “The Future”.  Our teams are called:

  • Red Lasers
  • Golden Energy
  • Blue Lightsabers
  • Green Glitches

Our grade 7s planned stations for primaries and intermediates.  Mr. Kelsey took these and organized bins with the needed equipment for each station.  The bins were rotated through the cohorts and teachers sent the scores to Mr. Kelsey each week.  The final totals will be announced soon!

Thank you to Mr. Kelsey and to our 6/7 students for helping to make Sports Days happen in a new and creative way.




Structures and Cities workshop

Yesterday we had an online workshop with the Burnaby Art Gallery.  We looked at artwork depicting architecture and different types of structures.  Each student received a collection of building materials to build individual projects. Some students pooled their resources to collaborate on bigger projects. Today we finished our structures and the students ingenuity and creativity was on full display!

Click the link to see the gallery of our projects:  Structures and Cities



Sperling’s Tower Garden

We have plants growing in a tower garden which we are sharing with Division 1!  We have lettuce, basil, and cucumbers growing.  There is water with nutrients in the bottom, and the water cycles through at regular watering intervals.  The lights are on a timer as well.  We are hoping to have some veggies to harvest before the end of June.


Last 2 grade 7 photo challenges!

Week 4 – (starts April 26 and is due April 30) – Take a then and now photo – recreate yourself from pre-school and now

Week 5 – (starts May 3 and is due May 7) – Favorite outdoor space at Sperling

Send your JPEG (.jpg) file to

Please make the email Subject line: Grade 7 Photo Challenge.

We look forward to your creative photos!

Grade 7 Parent Volunteers

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