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Home Reading

Today we are starting  our home reading program. Your child is bringing home a ziplock bag with 5 books. These books should be at your child’s independent reading level, meaning that they can read these books almost completely by themselves. For some of our early readers, this may not yet be the case and they may need a bit more help from you.  These books will stay with you for 1 week. Please send them back every Friday (or Thursday if Friday is a non-instructional day). Books can be read several times as repetition improves fluency and confidence.As students improve in their reading, they will bring home more challenging books. Along with the books, there will be a reading log. Students can keep track of the books that they have read (in English or in French). Please initial beside the title that they have read to you. They will receive a sticker for each page read and a bookmark, certificate and pencil once they have read 100 books.

Developing a daily reading habit provides for ample reading practice as well as a connection between school and home reading. If possible, set aside 10-15 minutes every day to read with your child. As they read, ask them questions and have them make connections between what they are reading and their own experiences. Happy reading!

École des loisirs

This book subscription is an excellent opportunity to access original French books, from France or other French speaking countries around the world (occasionally a popular English book will be translated). I order these books for the classroom every year due to their originality and good quality. If you are looking to increase your home french library, you cannot go wrong with these books. I would recommend minimax to our beginning readers or for books that students may be able to read independently right now. For books that students can grow into, Kilimax (they didn’t send a flyer but the book list can be accessed online) would be my recommendation. Many student favourites over the years have come from these collections.

Here is a link that gives you a sample of each level.

I do not receive anything from this company to promote these books but as an avid reader myself and a real advocate for quality children’s literature, these books are among my favourites. The books would be delivered to the school and your child would receive one a month (unless you ordered more than one series). You would pay the group rate.


Mme Matousek

Blog for Division 12

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our blog. Here you will find a variety of resources and links that we put together last spring while we were all learning from home. But the main purpose of this blog will be to keep you informed about the goings-on in our classroom, especially since you will not be able to come in physically.

Here is a sample of some of our centre time creations: