Welcome to our blog. This site is accessible to the public but is intended primarily for the use of Division 2 students and their families. Every effort is made to limit information that could identify specific students to outsiders. If you have any concerns about what appears on our blog, please let me know.

Student Posts – Each student has his or her own area. Students will express opinions, tell about their interests and experiences and showcase samples of their work. Students will comment in response to other students’ posts. Parents are invited to view and comment on student posts.
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Reminders – This is updated daily with assignment due dates and reminders about notices, needed materials and other.
Links – Lists student-friendly links on topics we are studying. Students may recommend links that could be added.
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This blog contains links to websites that are believed to have educational or professional value, however, there is always the possibility that something unsuitable may appear. Please let me know if this happens.