Float Your Boat – Main Event

A team of 5 Division 2 students attended this event. The boat was designed at Aubrey School the day before going to the event. The boat was built in the morning in the courtyard at Burnaby North and was then brought in the afternoon to Kensington Outdoor Pool for testing. There was a lot of variety and many successful designs. Here are some pictures. 

Click here for video link – Trial 1

Click here for video link – Trial 2

Float Your Boat – A Design, Build & Test Project

We did this as a class project with designing and building on Wednesday and Thursday followed by testing on Friday, May 18. We will be sending a team of five students to the official Float Your Boat competition on Wednesday, May 23. The team will build a boat at Burnaby North Highschool then walk it over to Kensington Pool for testing. The idea will be to build a boat big and strong enough to be paddled across the pool by one person. We hope that our classroom experience will provide some useful design ideas.

Sports Day Teams

Grade 7 Leaders

Green – Lucas, Amanda, Rony, Teresa, Marianna

Yellow – Simon, Madeline, Anthony, Tom, Lucky, River

Blue – Alan, Yuxuan, Alex, Olivia, Rachel

Red – Mikage, Camille, Oscar, Avery, Tristan

Grade 6’s

Larry – Yellow 2
Seanna – Yellow 11
Andrew – Yellow 11
Cindy – Yellow 11

Mark – Blue 7
Ryan – Blue 5
Vivian – Blue 11

Charis – Red 4


Community Story – Division 2 Contribution

As part of our Literacy Week activities, all classes contributed to a community story. The story was passed on from class to class until finished. Thank you to Division 2 students for contributing to the story. Thank you to Amanda, Camille and Rachel for the illustration. Special thanks to Division 4 for sending a pregnant rat to our portable.

Here is our contribution:

The kind students of Division 2 took care of the pregnant rat and helped it to give birth. Much to their surprise the rat gave birth to an army of cheeseburgers!

The students realized the seriousness of the situation. They exclaimed, “Oh no! They are going to turn US into cheeseburgers!”

The panicked students opened up all of the doors and windows in the portable and forced the mutant cheeseburgers out of the portable. The cheeseburgers scurried out towards the main building screaming, “For Narnia!”