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Wednesday, June 24th

Good morning Division 9! Today is our last blog post of the 2019/2020 school year. While I know that we have not ended the school year as we expected, I have so enjoyed my time teaching you, whether it was in the classroom or on Zoom. Your enthusiasm to learn new things and willingness to share about yourselves helped to create a wonderful community of learners in our classroom. I will miss you all very much! I hope you have a wonderful summer with your families and get to do some activities that you enjoy. Be Kind, Be Calm and Be Safe! I look forward to seeing you in September!

TOMORROW Thursday, June 25th from 11:15-11:45am in the gym:

  • Report Card and School Supply pick up for Division 9. If you have an older sibling, you may come at their time.
  • Library and Home Reading Book drop off – see June 15th email for lists


Sign up for the summer reading club online with the Burnaby Public Library. Take part in this fabulous reading program where you can track your reading, earn badges and participate in video demonstrations.

I also encourage your child to use the Paper Bag Pick Up service at the Burnaby Public Library. I’ve been using it at my public library since April… there is nothing like holding an actual book when you are reading : )

ZOOM at 11am: Think about what you wrote yesterday for your journal. Be ready to share the best thing about grade 2/3 and what you are looking forward to next year or over the summer. 

ASSIGNMENT #1: Raz Kids OR Epic Books

Raz Kids: Listen, Read, Record and Quiz

**Raz Kids will be available to your child until July 6th when the free trial ends. If you want your child to continue using it over the summer, you will need to sign up for a parent account.**

Epic Books – Search for and read a book about your favourite animal – either fiction/non-fiction or both!

ASSIGNMENT #2: Reading Response Email to me

  • At school, we often talk about having a Growth Mindset. If there is a glass with water to the halfway point, some people see that glass as half empty and wish for more (negative mindset), other people see it as half full and are grateful for what water they have (positive mindset). How you look at the glass is a choice and determines what feelings you carry inside of you. Instead of wishing for what you don’t have (or don’t have yet), we should make the most of what we do have. It is important to acknowledge what is making us sad/frustrated/worried/angry but then we need to practice finding the happy to feel more positive inside.
  • Listen to the story Happy Right Now by Julie Berry
  • The girl in the story was “practicing happy” , making a choice to be happy for things she had, rather than wishing things were different. She was working on being “happy about right now”!  This can be helpful when we are feeling like things aren’t working out for us or we are feeling like life just isn’t fair!   “Practicing happy” means not wishing your life away but making a choice to appreciate what we have “right now”.
  • Think of 3 statements for  “I’ll be happy when…”  “But I’m happy right now because….” to record on the Happy Right Now sheet


Choose games on the math links to practice your choice of math skill.

LIBRARY – Ms. Field has a wonderful new book today called Trudy’s Rock Story by Trudy Spiller. I wonder if you can make any connections to other stories that we have read recently.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: More fun challenges

Tuesday, June 23rd

Hello Division 9! It’s going to be a totally terrific Tuesday! Are you getting excited about summer holidays? I sure am! Today let’s reflect on this past year and what we have to look forward to next year.

MORNING MESSAGES with Division 9 students

ASSIGNMENT #1: Journal Email to me

  • Topic: Reflections and Looking Forward
  • Think about these questions:
  • What was the best thing about grade 2/3?
  • What was the most challenging thing about grade 2/3?
  • What are looking forward to about next year in grade 3/4?
  • What are you worried about or what do you think will be challenging next year?
  • Finally, what are you looking forward to about your summer break? What are your plans?

ASSIGNMENT #2: MATH on Epic Books or Tumblebooks

Find and read several  books about a math topic. Type a math topic into the search area (e.g. money, multiplication, addition, fractions, etc.) to find fiction/non-fictions books.


Try out this Cardio Workout for Kids again.

Monday, June 22nd

Hello Division 9! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that your dads had a great Father’s Day!!! Today I am at school with students instead of on Thursday and Friday as school will no longer be in session then. This is our last week of learning together. I still have some fun and important learning activities planned and look forward to seeing you at our last Zoom meeting of the year on Wednesday!


ASSIGNMENT #1: Memory Book – last 3 pages


Listen, Read and Quiz

ASSIGNMENT #3: Math (both grade 2 & 3)

Card games: Play Addition War, Subtraction War, Place Value War or Multiplication War. Remember for all of the games, except Subtraction War, the largest number wins the war.


It’s movie theme day! Try out these movement videos: Trolls and The Yeti


Friday, June 19th

Hello Division 9! It’s going to be a fantastic Friday! I am looking forward to seeing more talents in our class during our Zoom meeting today. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads of Division 9! I hope you have a wonderful day on Sunday! Students – please think of a way to show your appreciation for all your dads do for you.

Happy Birthday to Stephen on Saturday!!!

ZOOM – 11am  Class Photo today!!! Don’t be late as we will do the photo at the beginning of our meeting. Plus Talent Show continues today! Please check the updated Talent Show schedule and be ready to share.


ASSIGNMENT #1: Writing about Father’s Day

Choose one of the templates below to write about your dad and/or grandpa. Print neatly and colour the borders so it can be a nice present.

Father’s Day Questionnaire

Father’s Day Poem – Dad and Father’s Day Poem – Grandpa

Father’s Day Newspaper

ASSIGNMENT #2: Math Review

Grade 2 – Practice your doubles or making 10s 

Grade 3 – Practice your multiplication facts

ASSIGNMENT #3: National Indigenous Peoples Day

Listen to the story Stolen Words by Melanie Florence. To think about: How were Grandfather’s words stolen? What did his granddaughter do to help? What do you think would happen next if the story continued? Can you make any personal connections to this story or connections to other stories that you have read? Did you make a connection to the facts that Ms. Field shared in the morning message about Indigenous languages? Do you have any questions?


Get outside today and enjoy some fresh air and exercise. You could create and do a scavenger hung, sidewalk chalk, practice your jump rope tricks, ride your bike, take a walk/run, make up a game with a ball, etc. Enjoy the sunshine!!!


Thursday, June 18th

Hello Division 9! Check out our Gallery to see some new art work from your classmates. It’s going to be a totally awesome Thursday!

CLASS PHOTO!!! Tomorrow in our Zoom meeting we will take a class photo of the screen. I will then email it to all of Division 9’s families so that you and your child can have a copy to commemorate their grade 2/3 year during this historic time. Please do try to have your child attend this meeting – I will do the photo at the beginning of our meeting so if your child can’t stay for the whole time, they can still be a part of our class photo. If for any reason, you would not like your child’s image included, please have them turn off their video when we take the photo.

MORNING MESSAGES with Division 7

ASSIGNMENT #1: Memory Book

Complete the pages about Your Favourite Memory  and  Your Favourite Things 

ASSIGNMENT #2: Math Email to me

Grade 2: Word problems about money

Grade 3: Read the information carefully and use your pictures of sets to help you decide when to use the operations of multiplication and division. Multiplication & Division Booklet 24 and Multiplication & Division Booklet 25

ASSIGNMENT #3: Library

Listen to Ms. Field read the story Rose’s Garden by Peter H Reynolds.

ASSIGNMENT #4: National Indigenous Peoples Day

Listen to the song Stadium Pow-Wow by A Tribe Called Red

Embracing it’s members’ Indigenous roots, the group’s hard-to-characterize but
innovative music blends hip-hop, dancehall and underground club music with First
Nations vocal chanting and drumming. The unique mix has been described as
A Tribe Called Red has received multiple Indigenous People’s Choice Music
Awards and won best music video at the Native American Music Awards in the US.
In 2014, they won a Juno for Breakthrough Group of the Year and was nominated
for Electronic Album of the Year.


Michelle Stoney , a Gitxsan artist, has made available some of her artwork for colouring, beading, painting, etc. Choose one or both to do.

Stoney Dogwood   and   Stoney Sea Otter


Choose a new Superhero Workout to do this week.


Wednesday, June 17th

Hello Division 9! It’s going to be a wonderful Wednesday as we enjoy our first ever Zoom talent show!!!

MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS with some Division 6 students

Library books and Home reading books – if you are attending school tomorrow, please be sure to return your books. Please check your June 15th email regarding which books you still have at home.

ZOOM – 11am Talent Show today! Please check the Talent Show schedule and be ready to share if it’s your day.


Listen, Read, Record and Quiz

ASSIGNMENT #2: MATH word problems Email to me

Grade 2: Use the calendar on the worksheet to answer these Word problems then choose an online math game to play.

Grade 3: Use the division strategies (drawing sets or skip counting) that we have learned to solve these word problems.  Multiplication & Division Booklet p22 and Multiplication & Division Booklet p23

OPTIONAL ASSIGNMENT #3: Coast Salish Art Email to me to share in our gallery.

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: 2 different fun challenges to try today

Shoe Balance Challenge

Towel Flip Challenge

Tuesday, June 16th

Good morning Division 9! I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

MORNING ANNOUNCEMENTS with some Division 6 students

ASSIGNMENT #1: Memory Book

Complete the next 2 pages of the End of School Year Memory Book. Be sure to take the time to draw as well as print so that your Memory Book will look like more like a Scrapbook that you will enjoy looking back on.

  • Your Friends – print their names then draw and colour a picture of them
  • Your Favourites  – again print your ideas and draw and colour pictures to go with it.


Grade 2: When adding numbers together that are two numbers apart (e.g. 6+8), go to the middle number (7) and use your doubles (7+7) to help you figure out the answer (6+8=14). Mental Math Booklet p21.

Grade 3: Use skip counting to solve division equations. Multiplication & Division Booklet p20  and Multiplication & Division Booklet p21

ASSIGNMENT#3: Epic Books or Tumblebooks

Find a book or several books about summer or topics related to summer. Share one of the titles that you read in the comments.

ASSIGNMENT #4: National Indigenous Peoples Day

National Indigenous Peoples Day takes place on June 21st of every year. It began in 1996 and was originally called National Aboriginal Day. The day commemorates and honours First Nations, Inuit, and Métis People’s cultures, histories, and contributions toCanada. June 21st was chosen because it is the longest day of the year and has long been celebrated by Indigenous Peoples.
This day is an opportunity to recognize the historic contributions of Indigenous Peoples to the development of Canada. There are many ways to celebrate the day but as June is also National Indigenous History Month there is an opportunity to learn about Indigenous history and to deepen our understanding of Indigenous people and their role in the present-day and future of Canada all month long.

Over the next week, we will explore music, art and literature from different Indigenous cultures.

Today listen to the song The Northern Lights by The Jerry Cans:

The Jerry Cans create music inspired by their hometown of Iqaluit, Nunavut. With
their unique mix of indie rock and throat singing, The Jerry Cans are a distinctly
northern, one-of-a-kind group. The band perform many of their songs in Inuktitut
and are passionate about preserving the language even as the north and their
home community of Iqaluit evolve. They are committed to representing
northerners and to challenging common misperceptions they have encountered
about life in the Arctic; their music evokes the contemporary north and the
spirited people that reside there.


Try out Baby Shark and Basketball Sweet Georgia Brown videos.

Monday, June 15th

Hello Division 9! I hope you had a great weekend! Today will be a marvelous Monday!


TALENT SHOW DEADLINE – Please check the Talent Show schedule. If you want to be on the schedule and perform, please let me know by the end of today. During our meeting, I will ask everyone to tell us what they think their talent is. So even if you don’t want to perform something, we are excited to hear about all of the talents in Division 9! Thank you!


Listen, Read and Quiz for one story.

ASSIGNMENT #2: Reading Response  Email writing and picture to me.

  • Listen to the story: Ice Cream Cones for Sale by Elaine Greenstein to learn about the history of the ice cream cone
  • On a lined piece of paper, write about creating your dream ice cream sundae or ice cream cone.
  • Be very detailed in your description! Think about what will hold your ice cream? Kind of Cone? Or Waffle Bowl? Flavour(s) of ice cream? Toppings? Sauces?
  • This style of writing is called procedural. So you are explaining the steps like a recipe or instruction manual.
  • Remember to use transition words to explain the steps in creating your sundae (e.g. First __________________. Next__________________. Then __________________. Finally__________________________.) Using transition words will also help you to separate your writing into several sentences rather than one long run on sentence.
  • Draw a folded tower of ice cream scoops. Please send me your pictures to include in our gallery.


Grade 2: Doubles +1 or doubles +2

Mental Math Booklet 19 and Mental Math Booklet 20

Grade 3: We have learned that division is the opposite of multiplication so just like multiplication can be solved by skip counting, you can also use skip counting to count the groups when sharing by division.

Multiplication & Division Booklet page 18 and  Multiplication & Division Booklet page 19


PE with JOE and Mindful Moments or choose another activity under the Physical Activities tab at the top of the page.

Friday, June 12th

Good morning Division 9! Today is School Spirit Day!!! Wear your house colours: Red, Gold, Green or Blue.

MORNING MESSAGE with some Division 4 students

ZOOM 11am with the whole class – remote and in class learners. **Bring two Sock Balls to our meeting so that we can do some fun physical activities together.**


  • 2019/2020 has been a memorable year! Not just because of the pandemic but because we, in Division 9, were a community who had fun learning and playing together! While learning remotely is in our most recent memories, try to also remember all of the fun activities and learning that we did before Spring Break. We will chat about our memories in our Zoom meetings too.
  • We will be doing a few pages each week to put together in a Memory Book.
  • Today there is a Cover Page to print (if you don’t have a printer, design your own cover page).
  • The second page is All About You and the third page is  About Your Teacher
  • Keep your finished pages in a safe place as well will be adding to our Memory Book over the next couple of weeks.


Listen to Mrs. Field read the story I Wonder.


Grade 2 – Practice your doubles facts

Grade 3 – Practice your multiplication facts

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Sock Ball Challenges

We will try some Sock Ball Challenges during our Zoom meeting but you can definitely try more on your own at home too!

Thursday, June 11th

Hello Division 9! It is going to be a thrilling Thursday! Tomorrow is School Spirit Day on Zoom and in class!!! Find something in your house team colours to wear to our Zoom meeting.


ZOOM at 2pm – Music with Mr. Smith

ASSIGNMENT #1: Reading Response Email to me

Think back to yesterday’s story If I Built a Car by Chris Van Dusen. If you would like to listen to it or read it again,  here is a different read aloud or go back to yesterday’s blog to listen to that one. Plan and design four special features that you would add to the design of your own car and record them. Use full sentences to explain in detail your features then illustrate them.

ASSIGNMENT #2: Math Email to me

Grade 2:

Grade 3:

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: What’s Your Name? exercises

Try this new activity called What’s Your Name? where you do a different type of exercise for each letter in your name. First try your own name first then try some other names in your family.


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