We are lucky to be participating in Drumming Lessons this week – stay tuned for our final performance on Friday, May 4th!!!

Halloween Artwork

Check out our creatively designed costumes and Halloween line art.

Applied Skills and Technology

Students enjoyed designing and creating towers out of pasta – competing to see who could make the tallest free standing structure with a marshmallow on top.


The students had a fun day exploring the world of robotics.

Burnaby Art Gallery

Students enjoyed participating in the Burnaby Art Gallery workshop.  They painted images of Bears.

Happy New Year!!!

Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break!!!  Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year.  We are  looking forward to an exciting second and third school term!  

Marble Drop Technology Challenge

Students in Division 2 worked together in groups to create a system that would slow a marble’s progress so that it would take more than 20 seconds to reach the floor once it was dropped from their hands.  Students had a great time creating designs to achieve this and displayed much teamwork throughout the task.

They also had a lot of FUN!!! Good job!!


Hello Gilmore Families!!!

Welcome to Division 2’s blog and a new year at Gilmore!!  We look forward to including you on our educational journey.  Please check back in from time to time to see what we are doing!