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April 22, 2020
by lofquists



I am Seaforth’s School Counsellor and will be sharing ideas and resources about social and emotional learning and well-being. These are unusual times and families may be feeling greater stress and worry. This is normal and there are things to do that can help!

To start off, I wanted to tell you about the EASE program. This is an anxiety and resiliency-building program for children that I teach in primary and intermediate classes.

“EASE is a collection of evidence-informed anxiety prevention and resilience-building resources for use with students in grades K-7. These stand-alone resources aligned with B.C. curriculum and were designed to benefit all children by fitting into existing classroom routines and practices.”

Here is a link to K-7 lessons for you to try at home: EASE lessons

Let me know how you like the lessons 🙂