Financial Literacy

  • Ms. Tuan from Vancity
Ms. Tuan from Vancity bank came to visit us.  She read the book “Bunny Money” by Rosemary Wells and had a discussion with the class about saving goals and spending money. She supplied cans and paper for the students to make a “tin can bank”. They brought them home on Thursday ready for saving money!  Please ask your child about what happened in the story “Bunny Money”.

Light and Sound

  • Examples of artificial and natural light
For the past month, we had a lot of fun learning about Light and Sound with the support of Ms. Taylor.  The students discovered there are many different artificial and natural lights and sounds.  They used ray boxes, flashlights and Ipads to explore the properties of light and sound.  Please ask your child to tell you about how we used the equipment and what he/she discovered or learned.

Fun with Math

  • Making combinations using unifix cubes.
Our class has been working on modelling, finding, and checking for all possible combinations for a given number.  The students also learned to order our findings to check for all possible combinations.  Some students noticed the ordering created a number pattern.  Ask your child about the number pattern.  You can try this activity at home with your child.

New Beginnings


On January 12th, our class became the proud parents of 55 Chum salmon eggs!  This is a wonderful experience for your child.  The students will be learning to care for them in their classroom habitat. They will watch them change and grow through the different stages until they are ready to be released into their natural habitat.  Ask your child about the classroom habitat and some of the important details to ensure a good living environment for our eggs.  Please feel free to drop by and see the eggs in the morning.  I will have the tank uncovered for a short time as the eggs prefer to be in the dark.

Another new activity:

I read the book “Snowmen at Christmas” and the students did some creative thinking to draw their own snowman at night.  They used oil pastels to create their snowman through a directed drawing activity.  They learned about smudging, light, shadows and shading. They were very proud of their art work, and I was very impressed with all their different ideas. Please ask your child about the snowman, and I hope you can drop by to see it.




Ice Skating

Our ice skating sessions are finished.  The children had a great time skating with each other and learning new skills.  Thank you to all the parents who drove us and skated with our class. 

Our next fun event is this Friday.  There is a pancake breakfast for the students, and they are also welcome to wear their PJs to school.  They will still need a lunch for that day.  I hope to see you there.  Don’t forget your PJSs!

Apple Day!

For the month of November, our theme was Healthy Living.  We discussed the different food groups and ways to stay healthy.  Ms. Taylor guided us to use the iPads to access info from the library blog, take photos of healthy foods and used the Explain It app to write on the photos.  We ended the unit with Apple Day.  Mrs. Warner came to help us make apple pizza.  We worked for a week on our apple booklets.  Please ask your child about the different food groups, our apple activities, and how to make apple pizza.  I think you will see on some of their faces the apple pizza was a big HIT!

Apple Week

Please remember to send an apple to school on Monday, November 20th for apple activities.  You will need to attach a piece of masking tape (with your child’s name) on the apple.  Thank you.

Planting a Promise

Today our class planted daffodil bulbs in one of the containers near the playground.  The bulbs were given to us by the BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation.  I cut opened one of the bulbs so the students could see what it looked like inside.  There was a lot of discussion and comments.  We talked about how the bulbs were going to be a promise for the spring and why we need to plant them in the fall.  Please ask your child what we had to do to prepare the container for planting.