Division 1 -Grade 6/7

Mr. Larsen

Week at a Glance

Written By: larsene

Week of October 17th

This week Division 1 is busy working on many activities. In Language Arts we are creating a graphic novel style page that looks at “A Day in the Life” of each student. These ideas and creations are based on a novel that the class is reading as a group. We start off most days with Journal writing based on a variety of theme based topics. Our Science activities are looking at body systems, as well as beginning a look at research on a specific body system. True to some of the conditions we are seeing locally, Social Studies activities are looking at our use of our most precious resource, fresh water. In P.E. we have started the year with a variety of cooperative games, outdoor games and most recently, volleyball. The students did quite well with our first French quiz which focused on vocabulary used for classroom supplies. Last Friday, we had the opportunity to meet up with our Buddy Class and read a story together and create a “Creepy Carrot”. We are looking forward to a great week!

*Notice: Friday is The District Professional Day; the school will be closed.