Division 1 -Grade 6/7

Mr. Larsen

Public Speaking Challenge

Written By: larsene - Feb• 07•22

In keeping with Burnaby District tradition, our Grade 6s and 7s will write and present speeches this term.  We will be presenting these speeches beginning Feb 28!  You can help your child prepare by talking about ideas with them, assisting with proofreading, and having them practice at home. Please time the final version of the speech to ensure that it meets the requirements listed below.


TOPIC: Pursuit of Happiness


Possible guiding questions:



  • Describe what happiness means to you.
  • What is something you have experienced, read about, or viewed, that has made you happy, content or joyful? Has bringing joy to someone else in your life increased your happiness? Describe. 
  • Why is happiness important in life? How has this experience enriched your life or made it better? Why is it important to experience joy?
  •  How might this joyful experience impact your future or the future of others close to you?



  • Feb. 7-11: Completing outline and writing draft
  • Feb. 14-18: Conferencing, revising and working on good copy
  • Feb. 22: Good copy due. Practice in class and at home.
  • Feb 28- Mar. 4: Speech presentations in class
  • Week of Mar. 7: Speech finals for school (4 finalists)
  • Grade 7: 3-5 minutes in duration
  • Grade 6: 2-4 minutes in duration
  • Please see criteria sheet attached for details on expectations for content, style/form, delivery (voice) and delivery (body)

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