As we reach the end of November we are fully engaged with our poetry unit and inquiry project. Most poems are nearing completion and will be shared here in the near future.

Feel free to check in with your child on their progress on their inquiry project. Each group should have just about completed their research and kept a document with at least 20 sources of information. They should be starting to organize this information into categories for their posterboards.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we are wrapping up a unit on linear equations with a test. Thursday, point of progress reports are coming home.
As a reminder, these are not traditional report cards with grades for each subject. They are a snapshot of our learning so far. With all the changes ongoing this year, Burnaby has decided that this would be the best way forward, and a more traditional report will be sent home late February.
Please contact me with any concerns about your child and their progress.

J. Lapierre

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With our novel studies behind us, we are beginning a poetry unit along with continued learning on linear equations and our inquiry projects on evolution. Smashball has also been a fun variation on volleyball during P.E.

We are having an internet safety presentation from the safe schools specialist at Burnaby North this afternoon.

This is also a final reminder for hoodie orders – please submit by tomorrow (Wednesday) so that we can submit our school order this week.

Lastly, the music teacher (Ms Heard) would like to remind each student to bring in a “found” instrument for tomorrow which is anything they can make sound with. The only rule is that it can’t be a real instrument.

Have fun and stay safe,

J. Lapierre

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Tomorrow our school will have a virtual assembly to mark Remembrance Day.
We have also begun inquiry projects on Evolution. This research will be done both at home and at school and should result in some interesting knowledge to be shared with the class on posterboards.
In French we will continue with simple sentences, adding qualifiers to our existing sentences. In math, we continue with linear equations and in PE we are wrapping up a volleyball unit.

Have a great week and stay safe! Remember that Wednesday is a statutory holiday.

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Happy American election day!

I have asked students to bring in an exacto knife (utility knife) to facilitate an art project for tomorrow (Wednesday). I will be collecting them at the start of the day and labeling them with tape so that they are kept safe. Please feel free to email me with any questions. They will be returned home Friday.


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Just a quick reminder for this week:

Tomorrow (Monday) is pajama day for those that want to participate.
Tuesday is photo retake take for those who missed out on round one.


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Happy halloween!

If they haven’t shown you yet, I sent everyone home with their novel study packages this weekend. Have a look through their work and encourage them to go beyond simple responses when possible.

Have a fun and safe weekend!

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Today, our class hosted an info session for division 2 where we explained the party platforms for the BC election and then we conducted a student vote.

We also began discussing mental health and healthy habits using The Social Dilemma as a conversation piece. This week we will be wrapping up our novel study, beginning our look into biodiversity and evolution, taking a deeper look at notan art, and doing a little French.

Just a reminder for Friday. Costumes worn at school must not have full-face masks nor weapons (swords, guns etc). Bringing a bag of popcorn or other solo snack is encouraged as snacks will not be shared this year.

Have a spooky week!

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Hi parents,

With the BC and US elections looming we are diving into systems/structures of government along with organizing for a student vote on Thursday.

Friday this week is a ProD day.

We are about 2/3rds through our novel study.

I have attached the homework board today for reference.

We will aim to do our first walking trip to Burnaby Mountain next week. Details will come as we get closer to confirm the weather.

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Hi everyone,

We have gotten through a few units and done a couple tests in the last few school days. Feel free to log into your child’s teams account to see their grades. I also encourage students to bring home their tests for parents to see, but I’ll leave that up to each family.

Tomorrow is photo day and retake day is November 3.

We’re continuing our socials unit with an in depth look at the BC election this week, and continued work on figurative language for our novel study.

As we’ve been back a month, it’s a good time to remind everyone about safety and health. Please continue health checks and our class has spent time reviewing school procedures. A few schools in Burnaby have had isolated cases but with continued diligence we’ll keep Aubrey families healthy!


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Hi everyone,

As we approach Thanksgiving weekend already, we will be focusing on the following tasks.

  • As part of our novel study we will examine figurative language and the plot structure.
  • We will complete our unit on elements and compounds.
  • We will transition from operations with integers into operations with decimals.

The simultaneous BC and USA elections will also give us plenty to discuss!

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