What beautiful weather we’ve been having! Today from 10:30-12 we are going on a walking trip across the street to the tennis courts for P.E.. Students should be making good progress on their graphic novels, and should have sketched out their entire good copy panels by next Monday. These can be coloured in over the next two weeks.

Also, they are hard at work researching significant moments in Canadian history for a Heritage Fair posterboard and to create a Heritage Minute video.

We have just finished discussing interest rates and credit card debt in math.

Please upload those baby picture if you have not yet done so – the parent grad organizers will appreciate it very much if it’s wrapped up quickly!

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Hi again,

I just sent an email from a division 2 parent requesting help in the creation of a grad yearbook for our grade 7s. Please look for this email in your inboxes and aim to upload pictures by the 14th of May if possible. While we are somewhat limited in what we can do this year we have still got lots of great learning planned including finishing our graphic novels and participating in a heritage fair!

Keep safe and enjoy some sunshine!

J Lapierre

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Good day parents,

Your child will be coming home today with a student-led conference work list and some of their work from terms 2 and 3. There is a second page with student reflection and also a parent reflection portion. Again, please feel free to contact me by email with any questions but this is a space that allows you to write me a quick note.

Please complete this parent reflection by Friday May 7th and return it to me via your child.

Start with the guiding questions as you look through their work.

I have attached a copy of the student-led conferences sheets in case they didn’t make their way home.

J. Lapierre

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A big congratulations to Jaymie as her ad was selected to appear in Burnaby Now’s Student Design An Ad edition. Have a look at https://issuu.com/burnaby-now/docs/design_an_ad_burnaby_2021

This week we are beginning a unit on Electricity and continuing work on our graphic novels. Have a look through your child’s climate change essay – they were submitted last week and demonstrate a good start to research essays.

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I hope everyone had a great long weekend!

As COVID cases reach new highs please ensure you complete a health check with your child before sending them to school. Masks are now worn whenever indoors and not eating. Hopefully this is just a temporary peak as vaccines slowly make their way around!

This week we are finishing up our climate change essays (including full MLA citations), making some tesselation art, presenting information about French communities found around Canada, and beginning some tessellation art. In the next week or two we will begin making our own comic book stories.

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A warm welcome back to everyone as we return to school this week. I hope everyone has kept safe and healthy. Please remember to complete health checks before leaving for school in the morning.

I have attached some pictures from our last day before the break where we tested our popsicle stick bridges to failure. There were many interesting designs and it was fun to see the ways the bridges failed and if it was different than expected.

Just a reminder that this Friday and the following Monday are not school days as Easter falls shortly after the break this year.

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Good day everyone,


Tomorrow we will be walking to Barnett Marine Park along the same route we took going up Burnaby Mountain in November. Please ensure students come to school with snacks, water, and layers of clothing. For students and parents comfortable bringing cell phones there will be an app (iNaturalist) we will use for some science with critters.

It should be a lovely day!

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As stated on the term 2 progress reports which come home Thursday March 4, this is an overview of some of our learning in Division 2 this term.

We completed a novel study on the short novel Number the Stars. This led into rich discussions on World War 2 and the Holocaust.  We also had readings and discussions on racism and Black History Month. This past week we also completed our in-class round of public speaking (speeches). Our three finalists will read their speeches to other intermediate classes next Thursday. From this our school winners will be selected.

In Math we’ve looked at circle graphs, area and circumference of circles, and volume of various 3d shapes. We are now applying transformations to shapes on a coordinate grid.

We recently submitted advertisements which we designed to an ad competition with the hope of having one of our ads appear in the Burnaby Now newspaper. Art pieces for The Card Project were also submitted and samples should come home soon. We also explored how the use of juxtaposition can create interesting pieces of art.

Many interesting cultural practices and technologies were explored in our ancient civilizations inquiry projects. We are currently designing and building popsicle stick bridges which will be tested to failure next week. Students are aiming to have the best weight to strength ratios.

As always, feel free to check feedback on Teams. There is basic feedback for nearly all larger tasks on Teams, and more detailed feedback is found on the submitted work if not found on Teams.

Our last school day prior to March Break will be March 12th.  If we haven’t spoken recently to say this already I hope everything is going well and that everyone has a happy and healthy month!


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Just a quick note for our Valentine’s Day party tomorrow.

Please do not bring any food that is to be shared. Cards are great, and snacks for themselves are too. We won’t be sharing any snacks, though!

Work on our speeches, juxtaposition art, and ancient civilizations projects continues, with speeches being ready to present by the 22nd and ancient civilizations on the 19th.

Thanks and have a great day!

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Happy February!

Students are hard at work on an ancient civilizations project where they may be building a model of an ancient tool or researching two cultural practices. Both entail writing a well-researched paragraph and these are due February 19th.

We are also working on speeches. We will nominate three winners from our class to compete virtually between a few schools and earn certificates.

We are also starting a new science unit on climate change.

Finally, Burnaby North is meeting with our students on February 10th and course selections will begin after that.
Here are some perspective drawings made by division 1.

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