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Dear Parents,

We are going into our 4th week of online learn, crazy how time goes by. Thank you for all the hard work you and your child have been doing. I know that this has been a big adjustment for all.I really enjoy seeing all the pictures and videos everyone has been posting. At this point I would love to hear from you and your child about the journey so far, how is online learning going for your family? How are you finding Teams and the assignments that are being posted? Please let me know if this has been manageable and how your child is doing with the assignments. I would be thankful for any feedback that you have. Please reply by email, even if you are only doing some of the assignments or none at all. Just replying and saying hi, letting me know of any updates on how your child is doing is appreciated. I love hearing from you and want to continue to have many forms of communication.

Any feedback at all is welcomed feedback,

Beven Lafave. 

Good Morning!

Dear Parents,

I hope you had a good weekend. I’m writing to touch base. At the moment our Kindergarten team is working hard to put together thoughtful programs to support your child’s learning at home. We will be collaborating and making plans to send you this week. As soon as we have something ready, I will let you know.
In the meantime, I ask that you please go to the district website to find learning activities to use with your children at home. The suggested time for at home learning is about 5 hours a week… so 45 minutes to an hour a day of school activity will be enough. If in your world time for education is limited, focus on doing one literacy and one math activity a day, if you can. Make sure your child has time for physical activity each day and eats healthy food.

I have created a Microsoft Teams for our class. I will be posting weekly assignments and updates on Team. If you did not receive an email with the link or have issues with Teams, please let me know. For today please get familiar with the program, email or post on teams to let me know that you are able to access your child’s account.

If you would like to start an activity with your child, you can have your child make a ‘Gratitude box’. This could be a box or any other container you have in your home. Your child could decorate what you choose to use. On as regular a basis, have your child draw a picture and write about something they are grateful for. Feel free to have your child send me a picture or video of their work on Teams, if you’d like, I would love to see it.

Thank you for your patience. Have a great day and stay tuned!

Beven Lafave


Dear Families,

It was lovely to hear from you this week. I am so happy to be able to report that everyone in our class is doing well and is ready to try this online learning journey.

Our counsellor Ms. Camara shared a nice document you might find helpful when talking to your children about what is happening in the world. That is attached for you to look at if you’d like.
Social Emotional Support for Families from Tina Camara

Many of you expressed an interest in having activities to use with your children at home. On the Burnaby School District website there is a list of activities you can be working on with your child if you’d like to. I’m including a link to the Kindergarten page here: . If you hit ‘back’ from this page you can see the introduction. Or, you can go to the District website and look the information up yourself and read what is written there.

Thank you to the families that have already started their child on EpicBooks If you are having trouble with getting access please email me and I will email you the access code.

I have been busy creating activities for next week, I will have that out Monday morning. I am also trying to find the best platform for our class to use. A platform that I can use to post video messages and where students can also post video messages, photos of their work and to have a record of their learning journey.

There will be more to come in a few days. You can send me an email if you have questions or need support with anything.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy your day!
Beven Lafave

Hi Families,
I hope you are all doing as well as can be during these times. I am writing to you to check in and see how everyone Is doing.
To keep everyone connected, I will be posting information through our new class SD41 blog website at Please email me at Beven.Lafave@burnabyschools.caby Wednesday to touch base and to confirm that you are able to access the website. I will be checking my emails regularly.
Please also don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions, or concerns you may have.
I will keep you updated on a regular base as information comes available.
We will do this working together,
Ms. Lafave

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