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Below are some optional French language activities/resources that you can explore throughout the summer.



Keep reading daily in French and English. Here are some online options:



Vocabulary Practice

Below are some websites with games and activities using vocabulary/spelling in French.



Start a summer journal in French where you can write about your day to day activities.


Oral Languages

Set up a virtual playdate with a classmate where you can chat in French. Here are some topic ideas:

  • Play a game (guess the number, hangman, 20 questions)
  • Share your plans for the weekend
  • Tell a story, put on a puppet show
  • recommend/give a recap of your favorite book or movie
  • Listen to Music, sing a song together

Listen to French Music

Watch your favorite TV show in French on Netflix by changing the language to “French” or adding subtitles

Play your favorite card game using the numbers in French and teaching a family member the vocabulary.


To keep up your skills in Math, you may want to practice by playing some games. You can say the numbers in French and practice your counting/skip counting. Here are some activities you could try:

  • Adding prices at the grocery store
  • Math minutes (how many addition to 20 questions can you answer in 1 minute… in 2… in 5?)
  • Creating patterns with objects found indoors and outdoors
  • Creating patterns in beads or string while making jewelry
  • Following patterns by learning how to crochet or knit
  • Measuring ingredients in baking (with the help of an adult)
  • Measuring ingredients in Science experiments (with the supervision of an adult)
  • Measuring objects around the house
  • Building a project that requires measurements (sewing, bird house, etc)
  • Shape scavenger hunts
  • Number puzzles, Sudoku
  • Play card games:
  • Here is a list of free resources:

Math Games



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