February 16-23

Tuesday lit circles:  Shiloh (end), Star in the Storm (end) , and Babe (end)

Thursday lit circles: A Dog’s Life (end), One and Only Ivan (end), Eternity Code (188)

The Fudge-a-mania group has daily homework.  For Monday, Feb 19th they are to finish reading grades 1-3

There are two pages of homework about your family’s traditions and celebrations that your parents need to sign.  It is due back on Monday.

Your field trip permission form is due on Monday.

Thanks to all the parents who sent delicious food for our Lunar New Year Feast!  It was wonderful!


February 10-16

We had a great week, celebrating French Carnaval.  We made masks, crepes and maple candy called La Tire.  In the coming week, we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day & Lunar New Year.

Please show school spirit by wearing red, pink, or purple on Wednesday.  If you decide to bring valentines of any kind for students in our class, please bring one for everyone.  See last week’s post to find everyone’s name.

The Leadership Club is raising money for the children’s hospital by setting up a salon on Tuesday and Wednesday at lunch time.  For $1 you can get your nails painted red or pink or get red chalk in your hair – just in time for Valentine’s and Lunar New Year.

This week’s literature circles:

Tuesday:  Shiloh (87), Star in the Storm (118), Babe (80) and Superfudge (end)

Thursday: A Dog’s Life (112), One and Only Ivan (213), Eternity Code (93)

On Thursday, we will have our special lunar lunch.  Thank you to everyone who has offered to bring something and to Henry’s mom, May,  who will come to help.   I suggest that everyone check the blog on Wednesday night to see what food is coming so they know whether to bring something from home such as fruit in case they are still hungry.  It looks to me like we will have a feast!

So far:

  • Alex is bringing a bocconcini and tomato salad from his Italian heritage and chorizo sausage slices from his Portuguese background
  • Elven is bringing deep fried noodles
  • Amy Chang is bringing red bean cakes
  • Amy Zhu is bringing seasoned beancurd
  • Henry is bringing Korean fried noodles
  • Daniel is bringing Chicken Adobo, a Filipino dish
  • Daniyah is bringing pakoras
  • Kaylee is bringing meatball/pineapple skewers and mini cupcakes
  • Eric is bringing fried noodles
  • Natalia is bringing Mexican enchiladas
  • Angela Y is bringing something Chinese
  • Mrs. Jaltema will cook rice
  • For dessert we have: dessert egg rolls from Rhyerson, crepes from Max, and Chinese egg cookie rolls from Mrs. Jaltema

Please bring your used books and board games to the class by Thursday, February 15th.  You will be given a coupon to pick out a replacement at the sale the following week.

Math test on fractions and decimals will be on Wednesday.

Reading List

There are a great many wonderful books available at libraries.  Unfortunately, in order to get credit for reading, I have to have read the book myself so we can talk about it.  I have read all the books in the classroom plus all the books on this reading list.  You can also get credit for any of the books that have been nominated for this year’s Young Readers’ Choice Awards or Red Cedar Awards.

reading list September 2017

January 26-February 2

Please play in Sumdog’s Burnaby Math Contest this week!  The contest ends at 8pm on Thursday.  Everybody gets questions based on their level so the contest is fair.  The winners are based on accuracy.  If you answer at least 100 questions, you will win a prize for your Sumdog house.  You may answer up to 1000 questions.  Your bank account will be increased by $1 for every correct answer you give and the top 3 winners will get a $500 bonus.

All Literature Circles will finish this week, except for Artemis Fowl.  (Artemis Fowl will read to page 220 and meet on Friday.)

Dexter and Gilly will end on Monday. Joey Pigza and Dollhouse Murders will end on Tuesday, and Wanderer, War with Grandpa, and Awake and Dreaming will end on Thursday.  New books, all about animals, will start this week.  

All students were asked to talk to their parents about earthquake preparedness this week and to bring a note from their parents that they have discussed it.

Please make sure you give your parents the letter about our special Lunar New Year lunch.  If you lost yours, click here for another one.  parents Lunar New Year lunchdoc

Many thanks to Jade, Grace, Aryan, and both Angelas for doing a fantastic job designing a Joey Pigza door for our class.

On Monday we will choose our dance song.  Please be ready to vote for the song that you think will be the best way to create dance moves for.  The choices suggested are: Wolves, Spectre, Heroes Tonight, Faded, Seven Years Old, Marshmello You and Me, Personal, and Dysfunctional.


January 19-26

Literature Circle meetings:

Monday, Jan 22:  Dexter (81) and Great Gilly Hopkins (92)

Tuesday, Jan 23:  Dollhouse Murders (99) and Joey Pigza Loses Control (131)

Thursday, Jan 25: Awake and Dreaming (163), Wanderer (187), War with Grandpa (92), and Everything on a Waffle (end)

Friday, Jan 26: Arctic Incident

Scholastic Orders are due Tuesday, January 23

Remember to do the Family Literacy Bingo activities with your family.  On Thursday, try to wear a shirt with words on it.

The next Young People’s Concert will be held the morning of Friday, January 26th.  

Please show your parent your math test and have him/her sign it or send me an email that they have seen it.  It does not matter whether you earned a B+ or an A.  If you  earned less than B you will write a retest on Thursday, January 25th.   Since I have already gone over how to get all the answers, I won’t be reviewing any more in class.  You can prepare for a retest in four ways ways:  1. Erase your answers, try them again and give them to be to mark.  2. Ask your family for help.  3.  Come to homework club after school on Tuesday. 4.  Ask me for help after school or at lunch time.     

If you want to know our plans for this term, click on this preview.

              preview term 2                                                                                                           





Parent Corner

Parents are welcome to participate in the classroom.  Whenever you visit the school or join us on a field trip, please check with me before taking any photos so I can tell you if there are children whose parents have not given permission for photos.  Please ensure that any photos that you take do not include children whose parents have not given permission.  It is also important that you do not post photos of children besides your own in any format on the Internet.

Here is a helpful guide to screen time limits provided by our counsellor.Screen Time guide for parents

sleep guidelines



All learners in this class need a small binder (1″ or 1 1/2″) with a pocket and no zipper plus at least 5 dividers.  Please check the school supply list or request a list for what else is needed.  Frequently forgotten items that are needed at school at all times: 3 pencils, simple calculator, scissors, eraser, glue stick, black sharpie, highlighter, ruler and 5 duo-tangs.  They also need to bring some items that are shared such as lined paper, tissues, and band-aids.

How We Learn

Overview for Division 5

 Becoming self-directed learners:  I want children to become excited about learning and to take responsibility for working to the best of their ability, not just meeting the minimum expectations.  Students will be encouraged to figure things out and become self-directed learners.  They will receive direct instruction and teacher support as well as encouragement to think creatively and go beyond requirements.  My teaching philosophy is expressed well in the following lines by Alan A. Glatthorn:

What is the teacher?   A guide, not a guard.

What is learning?  A journey, not a destination.

What is discovery?  Questioning the answers, not answering the questions.

What is the process?  Discovering ideas, not covering content.

What is the goal?  Open minds, not closed issues.

What is the test?  Being and becoming, not remembering and reviewing.

Cooperative group learning: Students will spend most of their time working in groups since throughout their personal and working lives, children will need good skills in communicating and working with others.  The research is also very clear that students  thinking moves ahead most easily when they are introduced to a level of thinking slightly higher than their own.  In other words, they can learn from each other in small groups more easily than they can learn from one teacher who teaches a lesson that may be too hard for some and too easy for others.  The research is also clear that every child benefits from this model, including the most able student who learns to analyze and apply his/her learning by teaching others.

Field Trips:  Field trips are planned to help children learn what they cannot learn inside the classroom so all children are expected to attend.  No child is ever turned away from a field trip because they cannot pay the costs.  If your family cannot send the money for a field trip, just sign the permission slip and add a note that you will not be able to pay the fee.