3 weeks left till summer!!

Happy Monday Everyone,

Update for “in class instruction”:  This is OPTIONAL, online learning will continue and in class instruction is just for additional support if you need it.  There will be no penalty for not attending.  The schedule is as follow:

Letter sent home to families INCLUDES SCHEDULE

  • June-1-2020-Start-Up-Info
    • You will be split up into groups by Last Name.  Each group may attend school (mornings only) 1 day a week.
    • Only attend your class during scheduled time.
    • You may attend as many or as little classes as you would like on your designated day
      • For example, if you need help in Science but not in English, you can just attend for one block.
  • Safety is our main concern
    • Please make sure to wash hands once you have entered the building
    • Bring your own device and writing materials.  You will not be supplied with them
    • Do not attend if you or anyone in your household is ill
    • You will be required to wipe down your space when class is over.
    • No congregating in hallways or commons (or anywhere in the school)
    • Everyone must enter and exit through the schools main entrance.
    • Practice social distancing at all times.
    • Gyms will not be open and no equipment may be used or brought to school.

This week’s activities

QUIZ TODAY! Make sure that you write the quiz by 3pm 

We are in our last section of Biology!

Class Notes:

Research Project

Please do some research before picking a topic and choose something that interests you 🙂

As you may need longer than 1 week to complete this assignment, I will push back the due date until June 15


We can identify 'bad' genes. Why can't we use CRISPR gene editing ...

Our Last Unit is Physics, we will spend the last two weeks learning about Energy Transformation.