The Two week countdown begins!!

Reminders for this week: Fitness Log #4 Due on FRIDAY!!!!

For those of you who have come in to school, it has been GREAT to see you!

If you are at home, keep up the activities and ensure to get some FRESH AIR!!


Happy Monday Everyone

Just 3 weeks left until Summer!

Reminder that in school attendance is “Optional” and no one’s progress will be affected by not attending.  For PHE Classes no equipment may be used either personal or school provided.  We will be enjoying the outdoors taking a walk to Deer Lake or Running a Fitness Circuit outside without equipment.

Letter sent home to families INCLUDES SCHEDULE

  • June-1-2020-Start-Up-Info
    • You will be split up into groups by Last Name.  Each group may attend school (mornings only) 1 day a week.
    • Only attend your class during scheduled time.
    • You may attend as many or as little classes as you would like on your designated day
      • For example, if you need help in Science but not in English, you can just attend for one block.
  • Safety is our main concern
    • Please make sure to wash hands once you have entered the building
    • Bring your own device and writing materials.  You will not be supplied with them
    • Do not attend if you or anyone in your household is ill
    • You will be required to wipe down your space when class is over.
    • No congregating in hallways or commons (or anywhere in the school)
    • Everyone must enter and exit through the schools main entrance.
    • Practice social distancing at all times.
    • Gyms will not be open and no equipment may be used or brought to school.

I hope everyone is keeping up with their Fitness Journals.  #3 is Due TODAY! So please submit by the end of the day.

Our Last and Final fitness log starts today! It will be due June 12.

There will be an alternative assignment for the last week of classes.

I have really enjoyed reading all about the activities that you have all been up to, it is SO important especially now to take some time for yourself to do something that makes you happy and take a break from school work to PLAY!


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