Happy Monday Everyone!!

Last week of May, heading into our Last couple weeks of school!

As you all have heard, the school will be re-opening on part time basis starting June 1st.  You will soon be given the information on when and how you will be able to access the school.  I want to reassure everyone, that attendance is OPTIONAL.  You will not lose any marks or miss out on any information by remaining online.  All of the notes, assignments and resources will still be posted on my blog and collected through teams.  The “In school” portion will be designed to help those individuals who need additional support with online learning.

The time you will be able to access the school are still being determined and you will find out sometime this week.  I am still happy to do Teams chats with those individuals who need additional support but do not feel comfortable coming into the school.

More Info on School Reopening to come!

Continue to work on your Fitness logs.  Refer to previous posts for activity ideas!

Fitness Log #3 is Due on FRIDAY!

Have a great week!

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