Happy Monday !

We are now officially half way through our Biology Unit.  Please make sure to check the feedback on your assignments so far and make any necessary corrections.  If you are having some difficulties with the content, please contact me for a video chat session!


This weeks activities

New Visual Dictionary- Work on a bit at a time, will be collected at the end of the unit

Biology Part 2 Visual Dictionary

Notes & Assignments

** You will need to take time learning this topic, please complete the notes and watch all videos that go with them.  Especially the video attached to the activity**


I have only included this one topic because I want to give you time to Review everything we have learned up until now.

Please go over your answers to the past two quizzes and ensure that you understand these topics

Please contact me through Teams if you would like to set up a Review Video Chat.  If lots of people are interested we can set a date and time.  Otherwise I am available Monday-Friday, message me to set up a time.