We made it to week 3 !! I hope everyone is doing well and taking care of themselves!  Reminder that I am available Tuesdays & Thursdays 1-2 for video chats/help with assignments.  If you can’t make it in that time feel free to message me at any time.

Another reminder that I am posting the entire weeks lessons every Monday, but you have until the next week to hand in the assignments.  So relax and pace yourself so you don’t burn out!

There is a quiz today on Biology up to now.  Please log on Teams to take

You will have until 3pm to finish the quiz.  I will be able to see how much time it took to take the quiz.

This week’s assignments

  • Continue to work on Visual Dictionary



Corresponding Textbook Pages

Pages 24-32

Here is something for everyone who needs a smile!  John Krasinski has started “SGN” or Some Good News and the Episodes put a smile on my face!  Anyone interested check it out!