Biology 11 students attending Vancouver Aquarium

We will be meeting out front (at the whale) at 930 am.

When arriving sign in with your teacher(s) and sign up for one of two wetlab sessions. Each session needs a minimum of 20  students and runs for ~75 mins.  Sessions are first come first serve.

  • Wetlab session 1: 10:00am
  • Wetlab session 2: 12:00am

You will be responsible for getting to and from the aquarium.

The easiest way to get to the aquarium is via public transit.  Use Google maps to find the route best for you.  Below are two options leaving from Burnaby Central

*note that without a compass card you will need to pay another fare when transitioning from a bus to the skytrain; having a compass card negates this extra cost*

Route 1 

Route 2

Check out Mr Joe’s Blog to see a more detailed explanation of route

Check in dismissal at 1:45pm, meet below the TECK CONNECTIONS & ENGAGEMENT GALLERIES; turn in your completed assignment

The Aquarium has a cafe, but runs pricier compared to our school cafeteria (menus for an idea of the range).  

Students are welcome to bring their own packed lunch.

It is suggested that students travel light, as they will need to carry all their possessions, unless using the coin operated lockers