Just in time for Mother’s Day!

Here is a Blackfoot Love Song that you can learn and sing for mom on Mother’s Day.

Kitsikakomimm (Blackfoot Love Song) was written by Connie and Olivia Tailfeathers, sisters from the Kainai (Blood) Reserve, Standoff, AB.  Olivia has worked as a Cultural Instructor, Traditional Singer and Founder of the Kainai Grassland Singers. This song is included on Olivia Tailfeather’s Album, Ninihkssin.  Listen and follow along to the attached song sheet.  This lesson will be up soon in our Continued Learning website.  The words “Kitsikakomimm Na-a” means “I love you mom” and “Kitsikakomimm Da-da” means “I love you dad.”  Kitsikakomimm