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Outdoor Explorations/ Letter Explorations/ Story Workshop

Our goal on our forest walk was to find letters in the Alphabet. Can you guess some of the letters that we found?


Letter Explorations

We are exploring letters in the alphabet! We are noticing that some letters are straight, curvy, or have a hole in the middle.

Story Workshop

Our class is very interested in learning about animals! We are wondering where do animals sleep in the winter? Students chose one animal and made a story, with focus on hibernation, with their chosen animal.

Daiki: “Squirrel needs food some he is picking out food and going home before winter time”.


Justin: “This home is for a bunch of sea snails”.

Yasmine: “He is going to get the animals and eat them”

David: “The dolphin is trying to eat food but it is so far away from him”


Sage: “ A animal is in a house with its food. The wood people are my dad, mom, Emma, and Sage”.

Alessandra: “ The bunny is sleeping in the yard. The family is in the home. The bunny wants the jewels in the home”.

Kudus: “ My story is about a horse jumping on the rocks”

Bella: “ This is a Bobcat. He is ready for winter. He has food and a tree.”

Shko: “The animal were ready for winter. They are outside. He loves the outside. And he wants outside to play in the playground. The animals play. They are back in their home”.

Shalom: “ The bunny is inside the house eating his food. He is selling water for everyone. It is winter and there are flower”

Ray: “The cow is sleeping in the snow. The family is drinking water and they go outside to find the biggest rock. They never found the biggest rock but they go and try. They need the biggest rock of the museum. They dig up the snow and find the cow inside. The end!”


Amaris: “The sheep is eating his food and it was night time. He is going to go to sleep. The next day he woked up and his house was a mess! Somebody broke his house.”


Eduardo:  “ My story is about a chicken come eats. But then he goes to my friends house, Amaris’ house, and we then share our food. We also share our animals. I bring my Animal and Amaris brings her animal and we change animals. Then I bring Amaris’ animal home and then I just put the sheep food. Then I bring Amaris’ animals animal back! Her sheep fell asleep. My chicken was sleeping and I bring it back home. The end!”


Reminders For This Week

Hi Division 15 Community,


  1. Just a friendly reminder that we have Library tomorrow. Please bring Library books back to school in a plastic bag.
  2. If you have not already done so, please email me the Technology Access questionnaire or you can talk to me after school. (Refer to the blog post below). I need this information by Thursday, November 26.
  3. No School on Friday, November 27 (Professional Development Day)

Technology Access

Hi Division 15 Families,

If you could please answer these questions and send me the answers via email.

My email is

I need to know this information just incase our school has to transition to online learning .

  1. Do you have internet access at home?
  2. What technology do you have at home? (ie. Cell phone, tablet, laptop, computer) Please list all forms of technology.
  3. How many people use this device?
  4. Are you able to access the blog?
  5. Have you used Zoom before?


** I kindly ask parents to please wear a face mask if they would like to speak with me at pick up or drop off time if we cannot physically distance**

Thank you for your support!

Nature Explorations/ Comment on the Blog

Tomorrow we will be going on our nature walk through the forest. Please have your child wear a rain jacket, rain boots, rain pants (optional), and an umbrella (optional) to school. It is supposed to rain tomorrow during our walk.


Also, can you please write your child’s name in the comment section above. I want to make sure that every parent is able to read the Blog post. Thank you!


Story Workshop

This year we are going to explore concepts of a story. Each student has a story to tell. We will be exploring the big question: “What is my story?”.

We began our journey of sharing stories using the framework of STORY WORKSHOP.  We used loose parts and orally shared our stories.  We will continue to find varied mediums to help us share our stories this year.

Here are a few stories that I have captured so far:

(Please note that you may see errors in grammar as you read.  I am honouring the language that they are sharing at this time).

Natalie: “ My story is about a family in a house has diamonds to get toys. And they like toys.”

Daiki: “The farmer is giving the food to the horse, dog, pig and sheep. The farmer goes back to home.”



Kudus: “This guy is stuck in the wall. The other animal is the winner.”



Sage: “My story is about a farm that has food and a bed. There is another farm that does not have food, a bed, and a house. The farm with the house shares food to the other farm”


Alessandra: “ My story is about a very magical place. There are many difference species”.


Eduardo: “My story is about my mommy and daddy and in my bedroom with all of my toys in my home. All of the toys are in my bed. The orca, dolphin, and white whale, hammerhead shark, and this animal that I don’t know.”

Shalom: “This is the horse they are pretending to go on a walk with a friend. They are walking by the street. And somebody stops their car because it is a red light”

Ray: “A fox is holding the rope down to rescue them. The sheep climb up to the top. The fox is going to rescue them. The sheep wants to eat the food by they cannot come down. The fox rescues them. The end!”

David: “ The horse drinking some water. He gives the water to the sheep. They are sharing and they go into the house. They find more water to drink. The end”

Bella: “ The story is about a bad guy. The dinosaurs are the bad guys. The bad guys are trying to steal the diamonds. The people are shocked to see that. The bad guys run away.”

Yasmine: “The people don’t want people to go in, its closed. He said “you can’t go in, you can only look”. This red animal is going to wake up the other animals to check to see if they go. Then they go again to sleep”.


Amaris: “The animals are going to have a good day. The farmer is getting his hay and feeding it to the horses. The end!”


Late Students Notice

Morley School has a new late policy. Please refer to the blue picture below. If the whole class is in the classroom, please walk around the school and ring the front door bell. Another teacher will complete the health check. We will be starting this new policy today.








Thank you for your understanding.


**Reminder: No School tomorrow**

Walking Explorations

We can learn a lot by being outside! Our focus on our walk was to observe and document what we see in the forest.

  • “I saw lots and lots and lots of muddy puddles”- Kudus
  • “I noticed the tallest trees in the forest. I could not see the top of the tree! It went up so high.”- Eduardo
  • “I liked walking through the muddy puddles”- Natalie
  • “I noticed there is a lot of dirt in the forest”- Ray
  • “If I jump in the puddle the water goes up!”- Sage
  • “I liked the creek. It had a lot of water”- Daiki


Students had a lot of fun exploring the local trails by our school! We will continue going to the forest on a biweekly basis. I encourage families to continue sending their child with rain boots, a waterproof jacket, and an umbrella (optional).

Poppy Donations / Hot Lunch Forms


  • Hot Lunch Forms are due tomorrow morning (November 4). Unfortunately we cannot accept late Hot Lunch Envelopes.
  • Our school will start to collect Poppy Funds using School Cash Online Only on November 3 (This is Optional)
  • November 11th is Remembrance Day-NO SCHOOL
  • November 27th is Professional Day-NO SCHOOL

  • Outdoor Time: Just a reminder that students will be outside rain or shine for recess, lunch and other learning times.  Please ensure they have jackets each day and boots or other extra clothing depending on the weather.
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