Div 15

Month: January 2021

Nature Walks

Walking Wednesdays

Dear Division 15 families,

I wanted to inform you that we will be making an effort to try to go on weekly nature walks on Wednesdays.   Please help us to make these walks successful by packing outdoor shoes/boots, extra clothing, rain gear…etc. to match the weather of the day.  We will be venturing out rain or shine.

Thank you for your support,

Ms. Harstone

Alphabet Hunt/ Story Workshop

Literacy- Alphabet Hunt

Yesterday, we focused on observing and identifying letters around our school community. We noticed that our school’s flag pole looks like the letter Ll and a car’s hubcap looks like a letter Oo.  Here are some of our Alphabet pictures. Take a look and see if you can guess some of the letters!

(Letter T)

(Letter Ll)

(Letter Q)

(Letter Ww)

(Letter Vv)

(Letter Oo)

(Letter i)

(Letter Uu)

(Letter E)

(Letter L)

(Letter H)

(Letter H)

(Letter Xx)


What other letters can you find around your community?

Story Workshop- Setting

We are exploring story elements. Today we focused on learning about the importance of a setting in a story. Here are some of our stories. We are building our understanding of story elements, English vocabulary and confidence sharing orally.

David:The setting of my story is in the zoo. The sheep was eating food and the horse was playing so he can run back. The pig was staying in his house and sleeping and then sheep was going to sleep with him.


Natalie: The setting of the story is at the mountain. The deer and the wolf is fighting. The wolf wants to eat the deer. The big deer wants to protect the little deer.


Shalom: The story is inside the ocean. The two are trying to find the house. The end.


Yasmine: It is at a farm place that’s far away. The goat is trying to eat the snow because he could not find water.

Justin: They are playing hide and seek in the ocean. One animal hides under the shell. There is nothing hiding under the white sea shell.

Kudus: My story is taken place by the ocean. They are playing hide and seek to find their friends. The dolphin is counting and these animals are hiding.

Alessandra: My story is in the forest. The rabbit and the fox are trying to find food. They try to eat the squirrel.

Daiki: The setting of the story is in the forest. They are finding a home. He needs to have food. He brought food into his home.

Sage: The setting of the story is in the forest. The dinosaurs are playing hide and seek. The red dinosaur is trying to find the other dinosaurs.

Shko: The setting is at the farm. The family says “give me money, you are a bad farm! I will call the police because you stole my money”. The police come to help the farm. The end.


Bella: The setting is at the Zoo animals. They two want to play hide and seek. The pig is going to hide first. The pig go to hide. The cow says “ready or not, her I come!”. He looks under the log. “It’s not here!”, he goes to the next log and he says “its not here”. He then finds the pig. The pig says “Its now my turn to find you”. The cow hides. The pig says “ready or not here I come!”. The pig looks under the logs. The pig says “I found you!”.


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