Mrs. Graafen's Class

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A Poem

Dear girls and boys,

I wanted to share this poem that Ethan wrote about school.  The poem talks about school and what makes it so special to many of us.  This poem is important to me right now because it’s the reason why we are all working so hard to wash our hands often and keep physically distant from other people.  Thank you all for doing your part to help flatten the curve!

Mrs. Graafen

A Letter to Division 11

Dear students

What a whirlwind week! We have all begun a new adventure in learning!

In the past week, I have often stopped to think of how I can adequately tell you my thanks for all your hard work. I applaud how you have worked hard at your schoolwork and how your parents have supported you as you learn.

But I not only impressed with how you have kept up your school work in Reading, Writing and Math. I admire so much more. I love seeing you understand that it’s important to help Mom and Dad in these times when parents not only have their jobs, but now have the extra role in helping you keep on track with your schoolwork. I see you making the most of your time at home by learning new skills. You are learning how to prepare food, learning new ways of using technology to do your homework and learning how to help take care of younger brothers and sisters when Mom and Dad are busy. I enjoy seeing you proudly share your work through photos, pictures, video and writing. In the students Learning Reflections I read about you learning other languages or learning how to draw. And I read about you keeping physically active with Ping Pong, soccer, rollerblading or walking the dog.

Bravo! I am in awe with your positive spirits, imagination and energy.

Girls and boys, I encourage you to continue to do your very best with your learning and with all the other things you do.

I wish you all a good week!

Mrs. Graafen