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December 14 2018 - In: Blogfolios glavasl

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Each student in our class has something called a blogfolio.  If you look at the top of this blog post, you will notice the heading “BLOGFOLIOS”.  Please click that and look for your child’s name.  This is a private blog file where teachers can upload and show parents their child’s work and assess progress.  Parents can make a comment to their child if they wish to.  Only the teacher and your child can see the posts and the comments.  Student blogfolios are not public, like this blog post is.  

Each family has been sent a log-in and password.  You will need this to log into your child’s blogfolio.  This term, our students’ progress in Writing for their Term One Report Card can only be found in their blogfolio.  You will see their writing, along with a comment made by the teachers.  If you have not already, please try logging in and let us know if you are experiencing any difficulties.

As an added bonus to this term’s blogfolio, we have uploaded a short Social Studies Heritage Bag video so that you will always have a little snippet of your child to remember how little they were in Grade one or two!  


Progress Report Cards will be sent home today.  

Kindly sign and return the envelope next week.  Please keep all papers for your records.  

Please see your child’s blogfolio for their Writing comment/progress.  

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A world map showcasing where all of our families are from in the world.

In Social Studies, as citizens and members of a community, we are learning the characteristics of the school and our local community.  We are also discovering that our community is made up of diverse cultures, backgrounds and perspectives.   We are discovering that strong communities are the result of being connected to others, working together toward common goals, and using effective collaborations with clear, respectful communication. 

We celebrated our diversity in our classroom by recently sharing our Heritage Bags and our backgrounds with the entire class.  Each student spent time sharing (in a Show and Tell fashion) each of their items from their bag with the class and explaining their significance to their country/countries.  Afterwards, we videotaped each student introducing themselves, telling where their families are from and quickly showing the items once again.  

Each student’s short video will be uploaded to their private blogfolio and shared with their parents next week.  Please ensure that your blogfolio id and password is working.  Notices with information were sent home earlier this week.  

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Dear Parents of Division 7,

Yesterday a notice came home with your child about their blogfolio. This is an online tool that our class is using to communicate student learning. Samples of your child’s work will be uploaded to their own personal online portfolio which will allow you to see a clear picture of your child’s progress.

In the notice you were given information about how to access the blogfolio as well as your own login information. The blogfolios are secure and private and can only be accessed by you, your child, and your child’s teacher.

Please read the notice carefully and ensure that you are able to login using the credentials in the notice. A portion of your child’s Term 1 progress report will only be accessible by logging into your account so it is important to notify your child’s teacher if you are having trouble logging in.

More information about how Parkcrest is using blogfolios to communicate student learning will be in a notice that will be distributed soon.

Thank you for joining us on our journey to communicate student learning in a more dynamic, comprehensive way!


Ms. Rudolph and Mrs. Glavas

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A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to all of our families who put together such creative and thoughtful Heritage Bags!  We have been very impressed with how prepared the students have been and how excited they are to share their items, discuss their backgrounds and learn about other cultures from their classmates!

All students have spent time rehearsing with a partner and several students have shared their bags with the entire class.  We will be continuing this process over the next two weeks as well as setting up a gallery walk in our classroom so that students will have a chance to see all of the items once again before we send everything back home.

We appreciate you sharing your heritage with us!  It’s exciting to learn about the wonderful diversity in our classroom.  


Math Centres

November 15 2018 - In: School Work glavasl

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The students in our math group (which includes some students from our class and some students from Ms. Ralph’s class) have been working on increasing their number concepts to 20 and beyond. 

Our group has also been practicing our number sense skills, such as counting, estimating, filling in ten frames, figuring out the missing numbers on a number chart, and learning to print the numbers and number words during math centres. 

Each group has a student leader who is learning the extra responsibilities needed to be in charge of a small group and keeping track of the materials needed for each activity. 

At home, please encourage a love of learning for math using the excellent suggestions provided here.

Owl-Ways Be Kind!

November 14 2018 - In: Art, School Work glavasl

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Division 7 was OWLfully busy creating these OWLfully adorable owls! 

Next time you are in the building, please check out our owls on our hallway bulletin board and surrounding our classroom calendar. 

Ask your child to point out their owl!

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We are wrapping up our Science unit on pumpkins this week. Last week we made a craft that shows what we know about the parts of a pumpkin – both inside and out! They are now on display in the classroom.

The scientific language that describes this familiar object is not the only thing we learned this term. Investigating pumpkins has helped us practice many essential Science skills such as:

  • asking questions and making predictions
  • making and recording observations and measurements
  • comparing observations with predictions through discussion
  • communicating our findings both orally and in writing

Please talk with your child about what they have learned about pumpkins and stay tuned for more scientific discoveries…

Heritage Bags

November 4 2018 - In: Homework, School Work glavasl

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Heritage Bags homework were sent home with students last Thursday, November 1, and are due back to school by Thursday, November 15, please.  

This family Social Studies activity is a wonderful opportunity for students to learn more about, and take pride in, their heritage/background.  

Students and families are encouraged to use creativity when choosing their items as well as practice speaking at home, as students will be sharing these items aloud, just as they would in a Show and Tell situation.  It is important that students practice explaining what the five items are in their bag and understand the country/countries that they represent.  Answer the questions on the back of the green notice to help prepare for this activity.  Return that filled in paper with the items in the bag.  

In class, students will have a chance to share with a partner or small group before they share with the whole group, but they need to come prepared for this.  Please take your time with this at home and allow students to fully understand what they are explaining to the rest of the class.  

We are looking forward to learning more about the diverse heritages in our class!  


October 31 2018 - In: Art, Celebrations, Gym glavasl

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It’s been a spook-tacular week at school!

On Tuesday, students enjoyed five creepy and fun Halloween themed stations at our Halloween Carnival hosted by our Intermediate Leadership students, with support from Ms. Marto, Ms. Hampton and Ms. Rudolph!  Thank you to everyone who helped organize these scare-tastic activities! 

On Halloween, our class celebrated by dressing up, enjoying snacks, watching a movie and participating in a school-wide costume parade and assembly.  

We wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!  

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Our soccer session with retired pro soccer player and current Vancouver Whitecaps FC Ambassador Carl Valentine was a huge success!  We all learned a lot and were treated to many professional hints and tricks to improve our game and overall skill level. 

As you may know, Mr. Glavas (Mrs. Glavas’ husband) bid on this special soccer clinic and presentation for our class through an auction with the Vancouver Whitecaps and BC Children’s Hospital!   What a lovely surprise for the students and for a great cause! 

Thank you to Mr. Glavas and Carl Valentine!  What an exciting and special afternoon this was for all of us in attendance! 

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