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By Mrs. Glavas and Ms. Rudolph

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A heartfelt THANK YOU for your support, kindness and all of the lovely and thoughtful year-end cards, words and gifts.  It means A LOT to us.   

A very happy and safe summer to all of our students and families!

Much appreciated,

Mrs. Glavas, Ms. Rudolph and Ms. Sanchez 

PS Doesn’t this ice cream artwork look great enough to eat!  

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Up, up, and away!

Today we flexed our design skills by building our own catapults. After watching a few videos about what catapults are and how they work, students set to work. Each group was given popsicle sticks, elastic bands, and plastic spoons along with a mini marshmallow to test their end product.

We quickly learned that it was important to conserve the materials, communicate with your group, and work together to solve problems. With a bit of trial and error (and a few lost marshmallows!) we came up with some great catapult designs.


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Today our class was treated to an exciting Science Magic Show presentation by scientist and teacher, Ms. Donna Morgan!  

She did amazing experiments with fire and big bangs!  Our class also made slime!

As you can see, the students LOVED learning even more about Science!

Thank you, Ms. Morgan!  

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We thought this photo was too cute not to add here!  

It looks like they are about to drop their first Hip Hop album!  🙂

Students really enjoyed their week of dance with Ms. Sue and were excited to show off their new moves!



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Dear Parent/Guardians of Division 7,

This week we have had the fortunate opportunity to learn hip hop from experienced dance teacher, Ms. Sue. We have been working hard all week and tomorrow we will be showcasing our talent at our Celebration of Learning Assembly. All classes will be performing a dance for the rest of the school.

This is a reminder that the students of division 7 should be dressed in animal clothing for the performance. This could be as simple as wearing a t-shirt with an animal on it. Those with long hair can put their hair in pigtails for “ears”.

You are welcome to attend to see your child in action! The performance begins at 2:00 in the gym. We hope to see you there!



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A special THANK YOU to all of our wonderful parents for their support and help this school year!  From driving, supervising on field trips, supporting our classroom learning at home and helping with school functions – you are very much noticed and appreciated.  

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Today we released twenty one of our butterflies into nature at the park next to the school.  We had all the right conditions for send off – the perfect sunny day, the shade was just right under the trees, and there were no overhead birds to distract and prey on our butterflies!  

After spending the morning observing and collecting data on all of our newly emerged butterflies, we noticed they really needed to spread their wings and fly, so we decided it was the right thing to do to release them as soon as possible.  So, we literally dropped what we were doing, and raced out to the park!

Each butterfly had its’ own special send off!  Every student had a chance to help release at least one butterfly, and even the students who were a little hesitant to touch the butterflies at first, all faced their fears and bravely (and gently) released a butterfly!  Every single one was sent off with good wishes, a new name and a chorus of “GOOD BYES”!  

It was a very special afternoon and I am sure the memory of raising the butterflies, releasing them, and all of the learning involved, will stay with us for a very long time !




One of our Painted Lady Butterflies!

It’s been a very exciting week with many of our butterflies “hatching”!  

The butterflies have been an amazing learning experience for all and we are looking forward to releasing them into nature next week!





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Thank you to all of our lovely families who were able to make it to the Student Led Conferences this week! It sure was a busy and fun afternoon and evening! We hope you enjoyed having your child share their learning with you, as much as we enjoyed your visit to our classroom.  

We are very proud our students’ progress this year and happy they got to share their successes and goals with you. Many of you have had a chance to log in to your child’s blogfolio and leave comments on their Self Evaluations. If you haven’t already, please make sure you have read your comments to your child and discuss what they can work on at home now and during the summer months to prepare for the next school year.  

All that hard work this year means we also need to balance that with play time! Here’s a few shots of the class enjoying the sunshine on the playground earlier this week!


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Our class is currently learning about the life cycle of butterflies and just over a week ago we received twenty four Painted Lady Butterfly Larvae!  Each day we are observing and collecting data throughout this process and watching the transformation through each stage.  Since the larvae arrived their growth has been astonishing and students have been excited to rush into the classroom to check on them every morning!

If you look very closely you can see how much the caterpillars have grown in one week!  

Please come check out our “butterfly babies” during our Student Led Conferences this Wednesday.  

Thursday, April 6


A week later! Thursday, May 3…growing bigger! 

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