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StrongStart re-opening information


Burnaby StrongStart Centres are looking forward to welcoming you back in person as early as October 26, 2020. Although we have been engaging with many families via emails, phone calls, Blogs, and Zoom it will be wonderful to see you face to face.

Burnaby StrongStart Centres will offer a blended model that will include 3 days a week of in-person programming at StrongStart centres, 1 day a week of outdoor exploration at local parks or on school grounds, and 1 day a week of virtual outreach to stay connected to families who aren’t quite ready to visit us in person. Schedules will vary at StrongStart locations and not all centres will be open for in-person programming.

In-person visits will be limited to four families per day (1 parent/guardian per 3 children maximum) in order to maintain safe physical distancing. Outdoor explorations will be limited to ten families per day (1 parent/guardian per 3 children maximum) to maintain safe physical distancing. All in-person programs will run from 9:30am to 11:00am to accommodate cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

There is no drop-in StrongStart. All families (new and returning) must register online for the 2020-21 year. The total number of registered families will determine the number of times per month families can attend an in-person StrongStart program. Burnaby StrongStart programs are available to Burnaby residents only. Families can attend at one location only.

Registration for StrongStart is now open!

How do I register?

What do I do when I arrive at the school?

  • Please arrive on time.
  • There will be clear StrongStart signage at the school when you arrive. Follow the signage to the designated outdoor entrance and wait on one of the markers for the StrongStart Educator to welcome you (please do not enter the school building on your own).
  • A Daily Health Check will be done by the educator before you come in to the school or classroom.
  • You and your child(ren) will be required to sanitize your hands prior to entering the school or StrongStart classroom.
  • All adults are required to wear a mask.
  • The StrongStart Educator will sign you in once you arrive.

What will StrongStart look like?

  • In each in-person classroom session there will be a maximum of four families (1 parent/guardian per 3 children maximum).
  • In each outdoor session there will be a maximum of ten families (1 parent/guardian per 3 children maximum).
  • We cannot accommodate childcare providers at this time.
  • All adults must physically distance from each other and children not their own.
  • Children will be encouraged to minimize physical contact with each other, unless part of the same family unit.
  • It is not necessary to attempt to eliminate close contact between children, recognizing the importance of children’s emotional, physical, and developmental needs.
  • Activities that encourage individual play and more space between children, staff, and parents will be organized.
  • StrongStart classrooms will have equipment and materials set up for you and your child(ren) to explore together.
  • Songs, stories, music, and movement will be organized to support physical distancing between adults.
  • Access to washroom facilities is limited but not prohibited. Please use your home facilities before coming to the StrongStart centre.
  • There will be no scheduled library or gym time.
  • Individually packaged snacks will be distributed at the end of each centre visit.

What about illness?

  • Children, adults, and staff should stay at home when they are sick and monitor symptoms for 24 hours or when new symptoms of illness develop, such as:

– Fever
– Chills
– Cough
– Difficulty breathing (in small children this can look like breathing fast or working hard to breathe)
– Loss of sense of smell or taste
– Nausea or vomiting
– Diarrhea

  • If symptoms include fever or difficulty breathing or if symptoms last for more than 24 hours or get worse, seek a health assessment by calling 8-1-1 or a primary care provider and follow their advice.
  • Children or adults who become sick while in the StrongStart setting will be asked go home as soon as possible.
  • Children and staff should:

– Cough or sneeze into their elbow sleeve or a tissue.
– Throw away used tissues and immediately perform hand hygiene (“cover your coughs”).
– Not touch their eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands (“hands below your shoulders”).

  • Access the StrongStart Program Daily Health Check here

StrongStart BC Programs follow the Public Health Guidance for Child Care Settings During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Access the information at

StrongStart Locations will open as early as October 26, 2020.

StrongStart In-Person Classroom and Outdoor Exploration Session locations:

  • Cascade Heights Elementary
  • Edmonds Community School
  • Forest Grove Elementary
  • Lochdale Community School
  • Maywood Community School
  • Stoney Creek Community School
  • Twelfth Avenue Elementary

StrongStart Outdoor Exploration Session locations:

  • Chaffey-Burke Elementary
  • Kitchener Elementary
  • Morley Elementary
  • Second Street Community School
  • Stride Avenue Community School

Please register for the StrongStart Centre closest to your home. Families who register for locations that do not have in-person classroom sessions will be accommodated at another centre. All StrongStart Educators will continue virtual outreach to families.

September For StrongStart



Hello StrongStart Families


I hope you are all well and found creative ways to spend the summer time with your families

Was it just me or did you too find this to be the longest summer ever? I found myself thinking of you all often and remembering our special learning moments and singing together. There was even a time when I sang the clean up song to my husband and daughter at dinner time!! I love that the thread of our program is in my soul.

At the start of the school year I was blessed to be a part of the Kindergarten transition. It was lovely to see our StrongStart graduates move seamlessly into Kindergarten. They were ready and capable. I was left feeling like a mother hen! So proud  that they were familiar with their surroundings. I gave a lot of credit to the wonderful StrongStart / Kindergarten connection  we have and the many times we worked and walked alongside each other. The children were curious and excited for their new relationships and embracing the new health & safety standards.

As for our StrongStart, the question on most peoples mind is when is StrongStart open and what will it look like. I do not have these answers yet as we are still looking at creative safe ways to make this happen. We find ourselves adapting as we navigate through this new reality. That being said StrongStart will remain closed for the time being.

My hope is that we can stay connected during these uncertain times and share our news, excitements, concerns, etc. through email (, our facebook page (Forest Grove Families) and this blog You can subscribe to this blog to receive notifications when a new post is added. I will continue to post activities, information, singing videos and of course links to our zoom circle time

Here is an important message from our school district;

In September 2020, Burnaby StrongStart BC programs will continue to engage in outreach to families via emails, phone calls, and offering StrongStart services online.

There is currently no in-person StrongStart BC programs in Burnaby Schools.  

We are looking into a variety of options that will enable us to offer in-person StrongStart BC programs. Programs will be at reduced capacity that are consistent with Stage 2 of the K-12 Education Restart Plan. “Reduced capacity” means that we will limit the number of families attending in order to maintain safe physical distancing. We will also reduce the number of hours per day and/or days per week of StrongStart BC operations to accommodate cleaning and disinfecting protocols.  

Please look for updates on the Burnaby school district  website for future updates 

I miss you all. Stay connected

Ms. Roz

Making bubbles with Teacher Beth!!

Teacher Beth works as a StrongStart Educator at Second Street Elementary School
For video click Here

Recipe for Giant Bubbles:   

  • 6 cups of warm water
  • 1/2 cup of blue Dawn original dishwashing detergent
  • 1 TBSP of corn syrup (or glycerin, if you happen to have some)

Mix all of the ingredients gently. Here is the secret: The bubble liquid gets better the longer it sits! It should marinate overnight at least.  This solution gets better with age and should last awhile! Tip: Just dip wands into the solution don’t stir or swish. It creates small bubbles and stops working. Enjoy


How to Make a Giant Bubble Wand

A DIY ‘Tri-String’ Giant Bubble Wand Making a giant bubble wand is the easiest thing in the world, and all you really need are a few sticks and some string! These kid-made tri-string wands make the biggest bubbles I’ve ever seen – the kids won’t be able to resist playing … Continue reading How to Make a Giant Bubble Wand

Continue reading






Resource Newsletter from Anita Olsen

Good Afternoon!

Rain is falling down – SPLASH!

Rain is falling down – SPLASH!

Pitter, patter, pittet, patter.

Rain is falling down – SPLASH!

v  Many parents know this little rhyme for babes – and if you don’t, check it out here. Not only do babies love the sound of your voice research shows that singing to them benefits cognitive development by increasing their attention. Keep on singing!

Please join Burnaby Family Life this Thursday, June 11th, at 3pm for a talk with Emile Lopez, Social worker and Individual & Family Therapist with the BC Children’s Hospital. This talk will focus on “How to support the mental and physical well-being of your teen “.  Register in advance for this webinar: After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


Please check out the Parenting Place blog for more children’s activities, self-care ideas and information on parent education.*yvNqF4W3VrxqaCEsSZghVA.png


Anita Olson (she/her) ECE, BA, MEd

Early Childhood Community Consultant

T 604 525 9144

M 604 723 9548

3rd Floor – 321 Sixth Street, New Westminster BC V3L 3A7

Will’s Jams sports day live

One of my favourite children’s entertainers, Will Stroet  will be hosting a live performance on Friday June 12th at 1-1:40 pm

Many of you have seen Will at the play to learn event at Forest Grove (in the gym)

He is also a Juno nominated singer/ songwriter and appears on CBC KIDS

Join Will’s Jams for his last Friday Facebook Live this month, called “Sports Day!” Sing along to all your favourite Will’s Jams songs about sports. His 5-yr-old daughter June will also teach kids how to draw an imaginary animal sports game.

You can vote on what June should draw here:

Kids should have a piece of paper and pencil during the Livestream. To join, like, follow and visit Will’s Jams Facebook page at 1 PM PT/4 PM ET.

You can leave a tip online at



Find the link Here

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