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Personal Growth

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October has brought us so many opportunities to reflect on who we are and where we are going.  Students have been excited to move their cars along our Street Smart Learning Journey while also taking time to consider the classroom Apple Learning Journey.   This visual of growth being a process helps Division 10 to consider their movement forward with the concepts, knowledge and strategies they are working with.  The words emerging, developing, proficient and extending coincide with curriculum assessment language.









Safety First has also been a focus with October Fire Safety Month lessons!  Taking time to reflect on Clinton Star Safety has been a rewarding experience.  Room 15 has many shining stars!  We also participated in the Great Shake Out BC on Thursday, practicing our Earthquake Drill skills.




Students are also becoming comfortable taking on some responsibilities with their monitor roles.  They enjoy being helpful and supportive of each other.





Clinton School experienced the first You Be You Spirit Day on Thursday.  Taking time to consider identity, sparks, passions and pronouns through stories like “The Koala Who Could,” “They, He, She as Easy as ABC” and “Neither” has led to powerful conversations.  The school wide activity of joining hands together in support of diversity and acceptance of differences highlighted “The Many Pieces Of Me” for Division 10.

October is speeding along and as we near the end of the month, we will have enjoyed time with our buddy class, lessons by the Light Of The Halloween Moon, time with Bones, and Spider facts as shared by the trees and our classroom inquiry, “What stories do the trees tell us?”

Be ready to check out the BLOG next week as more will be added to cap off this month of appreciation, growth and learning!

Good-bye September – Hello October!

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The September newsletter came home today, this first day of October.  It highlighted many of the experiences Division 10 has been engaged in this past month.  Building Community, Reflecting on Truth and Reconciliation and Developing A Growth Mindset have been at the forefront of our learning and understanding for September.

Here are some photos of our journey thus far:

Math is Fun and our Classroom Learning Journey! 

















Our Story and We Learn From Story!







  The Learning Tree and Try Like Terry!








Truth and Reconciliation!  We  Are  All  Connected!

We’re Back!

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Welcome to the 2021/2022 school year.  So very pleased to be able to connect with some familiar faces and welcome some new ones to Room 15.

The Division 10 Blog is a space for students to share with you some of our classroom activities and experiences.  We appreciate the time and thought given to our learning moments and often want to show and share through this medium.  Thanks for taking the time to have a look at our posts.  The Blog space is one of many ways for us to give you a window into our learning.

We will add some photos to our next post so you can see the journey we have taken this month.

Summer Fun!

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Playground Builds!

We had architects, environmentalists, financial advisors, health and safety officers and project managers working together to create playgrounds.  The model builds were presented with the hope that Mrs. E. would sign a contract for an actual build of a playground for Clinton Elementary.  Super Teamwork was had by all.  The decision was very challenging.















What a better way to celebrate the playground builds than going out onto the playground and enjoying a cool summer treat provided by the PAC!  Freezie Time on the first full day of Summer!

Gardening in our new Indigenous Garden!

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Division 10 had the opportunity to contribute to the maintenance of our Clinton School Indigenous Garden.  The outdoor classroom stone blocks provide a quiet place for classes to reflect on time in nature and make connections with the plants and trees of BC’s natural habitat.  In the garden, Indigenous trees, plants and bushes have been planted.  Our class weeded and watered, volunteering their time to support the upkeep of this peaceful place.

We look forward to having this space recognized at the virtual assembly on Wednesday, June 16, as part of our ongoing learning and understanding of reconciliation.

Marvelous May ends with Math Super Hero Day!

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It has been an exciting month and we are ending May with the traditional Math Super Hero Day!  Students have been super heroes with all of their May experiences from our Dogwood Daze to Imagine Van Gogh with Vintage Boards.  Students also completed their Animal Research Projects.  Second term had students working on an inquiry project together.  Third term gave the opportunity for students to take that learning and apply it to their own animal project of choice.  Through a process of questioning, fact finding and creating, Division 10 was pleased to present book reports, visual art pieces, game boards and dioramas.

Here’s looking toward June with more success along the Grade 2 learning journey.


Twin’s Day!

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Spirit Day at Clinton brought out twins and triplets.  It was fun to buddy up and enjoy an exciting day before the Victoria Day long weekend.

Here is a look at our twins!  Happy May long weekend from Division 10!

Pacific Dogwood

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The official flower symbol for our province of British Columbia is the Pacific Dogwood.  It is our floral emblem.  The Dogwood tree flowers in April and May.  In the autumn, it is known for its cluster of bright red berries and colourful leaves.

Students in Division 10 have been observing Pacific Dogwood trees in the Clinton School neighbourhood.  We have learned that the wood was used for making knitting needles by the Cowichan people and the deep brown bark was used for dye by the Salish.  The wood has also been used for piano keys.  

The branches provide shelter for land and water animals.  The flowers provide nectar to pollinating insects.  The fruit becomes food for birds and mammals.  The buds, twigs and leaves are munched on by local wildlife.  Bears and beavers enjoy the leaves and the twigs are food for deers.

We have been observing the white flowered Pacific Dogwood.  We have also seen the Pink Dogwood tree which is used as an ornamental tree in gardens.


Thank You Burnaby Health Care Workers!

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Division 10 was so very thrilled to be able to support our Burnaby Health Care Workers with pieces of art  appreciation.

They painted flower gardens in honour of those who have been on the front lines of care giving in our community.

The students shared that the flowers represent:  peace, happiness, joy, love, kindness, appreciation, growth and strength!  Kai said that the gardens gave “flower power” to our health care workers!

Take a look at the Flower Power Appreciation Art created by the students:

April Earth Month News

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At Clinton, we are celebrating our planet by wearing Earth Colour Clothing this Friday, April 30.  Every day, not just Earth Day or Earth Month, should be a day of recognizing our role as global citizens.

Division 10 has been having many discussions and conversations about supporting our planet and finding ways to heal our home, Earth.  Attached is a link to a book that you may want to share.

We had many feelings, ideas and questions about Bad Future, Better Future.

We certainly concluded that we want to do what we can so we have a better future!



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