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Exercise correction
  • The exercise correction is performed on two passes. First the moment the note was played is checked. Notes that are played early are marked with a left arrow () while those played too late are marked with a right arrow ().
  • On a second pass the separation between the notes are compared. In this case a plus sign () is used when the time between the notes is too long or with a minus sign () when too short.
  • The X () is used to mark notes that where not played.
  • Tap the keys when answering, do not leave the keys pressed. Although there may be rests, the exercise does not check for note durations.
  • You do not have to use too much force.
  • For faster notes, you can press different keys with fingers from both hands.
  • Using the spacebar is not recommended.
  • Be careful not to press two keys at the same time. The exercise will count them as two notes.

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