Listen to music you don’t normally listen to

Greetings to all,

Being at home during this extended break gives us the opportunity to explore things we don’t normally have the time for.  
My wife played in the violin section of the Boston Symphony for a few years and still gets an occasional email from the orchestra.  She received one which told her, and now you!, how to connect with one of the great orchestras and some of the best performances in their archives.  She said the conductor started the piece with only a flip of his hand and they were off!           
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Sibelius: Symphony No. 2 – Boston Symphony Orchestra/Rozhdestvensky (1987)

Follow the music with this one!  Type into your browser     
Gustav Holst – The Planets, Op. 32 (1914-16) {Steinberg/BSO}  Everything but the electric bass or the saxophone, but, great music!   

Explore different genres and find music that is not what you usually listen to.  Open your mind and ears and try something new, even if it is longer than four minutes!  Baroque or classical (yes, they are different), different types of jazz, country, . . . . 
Or, look for different pieces that feature your instrument as soloist.  Listen carefully and notice what you really like.  

Happy listening!

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