Three Sisters Soup

I am making an effort to learn about and incorporate First Nations content into my program, so I invited Jessica Methven, our district Aboriginal Education resource teacher to tell us the legend of the Three Sisters, being squash, corn and beans, and to make Three Sisters Soup. Many thanks to Margaret and Flora who helped out with the cooking. If you’d like to read a little more about the three sisters, follow this link

Garden Works

Many thanks to all the parent volunteers who drove students to Garden Works for our pumpkin workshop.  We emptied out pumpkins, collected the seeds (which we roasted and ate in class!), we used the emptied out pumpkin as a planter for pansies and we talked about decomposition. Two of our pumpkin planters are now planted in our school garden.  I hope that you were able to plant your pumpkin pots somewhere at home.

Nature Art

I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful autumn colours. I showed them a video about an environmental artist named Andy Goldsworthy and we looked at some examples of his work. We then went outside to collect natural items to create our own art. Not only was this an art activity, it was also an opportunity for children to collaborate on a group project, to take turns and to listen to others.



Eat what you grow

M. Prévost’s class harvested a large amount of Italian parsley from our school garden, so we added it to a salad with chick peas, diced onion, garlic, salt, olive oil, lemon juice and grape tomatoes. I insist that all the children taste what we make so that they are introduced to new foods and flavours.  We even got some thumbs up and requests for second helpings. Our weekly bread baking is a popular and yummy activity for our class.


We had a lot of fun during Halloween! Many thanks to the parents who helped out in the class to carve pumpkins. Despite forgetting my pumpkin carving tools on this day, our jack-o-lanterns turned out great. We had some fantastic costumes in class and got to see other classes in costume during the celebration of learning. We also made slime with our buddies and played Halloween bingo. For any parents out there who took French classes in high school or went through the French Immersion program themselves may remember this Halloween classic by Matt Maxwell!

Here are a few photos from our pumpkin carving day and our Halloween festivities: