Rafiki Bracelet Sale – Global Initiative

For the past two weeks Div 1 & 2 students have been raising awareness around empowering women in Kenya whom make Rafiki bracelets.  Rafiki in Swahili means friendship and each bracelet sold helps these women earn money to send their children to school.  Also, half the money raised will go to the WE Villages fundraising projects, contributing to clean water supply in Kenya.  A total of $505.00 have been fundraised for a cause that we care about.  The success of this initiative is a journey for Div 2 students who have been focusing on building their leadership capacity.  As young people in the 21st century they are making a difference in their school community and global community.  Way to go!!

We Scare Hunger Campaign

Starting on October 10 to 27, Division 1 & 2 have been collecting cans of food and non- perishable items to scare away hunger. The food drive contributed to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and raised awareness of the root cause of hunger.  The school goal was to collect 600 cans of food and together we collected 789 cans of food which equates to 693 lbs of food. Wow!! What an accomplishment!!

You can continue to support the Greater Vancouver Food Bank by donating money to https://www.foodbank.bc.ca/ or dropping off cans of food and non perishable items to your local groceries.  Thank you for all your support.  Together we can make a difference.


WE Day!

On October 18, 2017 fifteen students from Div 1 and 2 attended We Day at Roger’s Arena.  The remaining students watched  We Day live streamed in our classroom. We Day is a day where youths come together to celebrate a year of action that transformed communities.  Together we experienced world renowned speakers and performers inspiring youth to make our world a better place.  Continue to read our blog as Division 2 students take on the challenge of making a difference in our community this year.