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Wednesday June 24-Last Day! Be Kind, Be Safe, Make Good Choices, Be You

A note to my students… 

Dear Division 4,

I just wanted to write a note to you all to say hello, but also to say goodbye for now! Today is our last day of school (online) and then we have summer break and then come back to school in September. While we don’t know what school will look like yet, I hope to see you all in September! If you aren’t in my class next year, make sure you come by my room to say hi!

This year has been a crazy year! We did so much together, but also I feel like we lost out on so much time together. While I missed you at school, I knew that you were safe at home and doing really great things (from what I saw in your emails!). I want to say how proud I am of you all. In September, you were all nervous about starting a new grade and weren’t sure about your reading skills or math skills and now I want you to think about where you are now. Each of you grew so much (physically-you got so tall!), but also you grew as individuals in our community. You figured out what you needed to work on for school and you put in the time and effort and improved! Each of you improved on your reading and the same goes for math, and all of the other subjects, and that is impressive. You also grew and showed who you are as individuals and I want you to know that even if you make mistakes, you have what it takes to succeed, overcome challenges, and demonstrate how kind and caring you can be. Remember that it’s ok to make mistakes (even adults!), all we expect is for you to learn from them.

We talked a lot about kindness this year, we talked about showing kindness to others and we had our kindness wall where we said “Let’s stick with kindness” and stuck sticky notes on the board which pointed out kind acts that we did. We talked about kindness to animals and learned about them with our animal projects and Urban Safari Rescue Society. We also talked about kindness to ourselves, where we talked about how to keep our minds healthy and how to know when to take a break and that it’s ok if we aren’t ready to do something or if we need more time (Remember the book, “The Good Egg” and all about his shell cracking because he did too much, and how he had to take time to look after himself and repair his shell).

We talked about safety (a lot!) and that whatever choices we made, they must be safe. We talked about making good choices for ourselves and others and knowing when to admit that a choice we made wasn’t the best, but then learning from it and talking about how to fix it.

We talked about being ourselves and that it’s ok to be different. We talked about how what we look like doesn’t matter and that what’s on the inside is important. We said that we would never say that we wouldn’t like someone or be mean to someone just because of what they look like and that we’re all unique. We talked about respect for others and that no matter what, everyone deserves respect and to feel safe in our classroom, in our school, in our community, and all over the world. We talked about being ourselves and that we don’t need to change anything about ourselves just to make someone happy and that as long as we’re happy with ourselves and kind to others, that’s all that matters.

As you go into the summer break, remember what we learned as a class. Remember what you have learned at home these last couple of months.

Your assignment for today and for each day is:

Be Kind, Be Safe, Make Good Choices, Be You.

I’ll see you in September,

Ms. Chin

Pink Heart No Background - Valentines Day Hearts Clipart, HD Png ...

Tuesday June 23-Collage Making

Collages are a form of art where people either use photos and arrange them in shapes or in ways that are meaningful to them or to represent something and create a picture. A collage can also convey a feeling, a memory (like a birthday or holiday), or can be like a “vision board” where people use pictures to remind them of goals and of things they would like to do in the future.

Pictures can either come from the internet and be printed out, or cut from magazines or other pictures that are already printed, or could even be drawn by the artist. Some collages have the images overlapping, others have the images separate with space in between. It’s up to the artist!

Today, see if you can try to make a collage! It can be a bunch of pictures that are meaningful to you, it could include different drawings used to create a new picture, or it could be a project of your own design using different images put together!

Below are some examples: 

The artist below arranged the pictures in a heart and have photos of different kids. These kids could be their family or they could be pictures from their work as a photographer or maybe there’s a different meaning behind the images!

Photo Effect: Make a Heart Shaped Photo Collage Template in Photoshop

The artist below also arranged their pictures in a heart shape, but had all animals.

Shape Collage - Automatic Photo Collage Maker

The artist below used pictures from a magazine to create images of houses.

Recycled Art: Magazine Collages | Kids Out and About Albany

The artist below drew Mickey Mouse and added different Disney characters to colour in the spaces! (I loved this idea!)

Disney collage (With images) | Mickey mouse drawings, Disney art ...


Monday June 22-Writing

35 mail Letter Cliparts PNG cliparts for free download | UIHere

Letter writing is an enjoyable activity for those who write and also for those who receive them. If we didn’t have devices and technology we wouldn’t be able to FaceTime, use messenger apps, see our friends and family through video calls or talk on the phone.

Today, I would like you to write a letter to a family member or friend. Think about who you’re writing to. Address them at the top. When you’re addressing a letter you can say Dear… or To: …. or think of another way to greet someone and begin your letter. Write what you want to say and then sign your name. You can decorate this letter too! If you are able to, it might be nice to try mailing it and see how long it takes for your friend or family to receive it! If you can’t send it through the regular mail, maybe you can try taking a picture of it and sending it to that person 🙂

Think about the goal of your letter. Are you checking in with someone to say hi? Are you writing to them to see how they’re feeling and if they are doing ok? Do you want to know what they’ve been doing lately? Do you want to share an experience or what you have been up to? Are you using this letter to mark a special occasion like a birthday?

*If this letter is private and your child doesn’t want to share it with me, I respect that and you don’t have to send in a photo to me!

Friday June 19-Father’s Day Card or Letter

43,042 Happy Fathers Day Cliparts, Stock Vector And Royalty Free ...

Our Dad’s do lots of amazing things! They are incredible and strong people who do whatever they can to help us! Father’s Day is on Sunday June 21st and while you may do something special this day or if you spread it out and do special things for your Dad every day, today I would like you to do one of the following:

-Make a card for your Dad. It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy, but of course, if you would like to make it fancy go for it! Make sure you write Dad or whatever you call him at the top. Write a message to him. Think about what he does for you, what you can say thank you for, why he is special to you, what you like to do with him…  Write who the card is from at the bottom! You can write From: or Love: …. Draw a picture and decorate!

-Write a letter to your Dad and write about what he means to you! Why is he special? What makes him a great Dad? What do you love about him? What does he do that makes you happy?

Here are some stories that you might want to listen to about Dads! 

“When Dad’s Don’t Grow Up”-Marjorie Blain Parker 

This book is a celebration of Dads who remember what it’s like to be little and who have fun with their kids! Video

“Jabari Jumps”-Gaia Cornwall

This book is about a boy, Jabari, who wants to jump off the high diving board at the pool. This story is about overcoming your fears and highlights a moment between a reassuring Dad and his determined son. Video

*You do not need to submit a photo of your child’s card or letter for Father’s Day as some kids like to keep it private because it’s so special!

Here is an example with some sentence starters if you need them!

To: Dad

Thank you for everything you do for me. I love that we…..

You are special to me because….

Happy Father’s Day!

I love you.

Love: _________________

Thursday June 18-Writing

Sunflower Clipart Commercial Use - Sunflower Clipart Transparent ...

“You decide to grow a sunflower, but the sunflower grows so tall it reaches up to the sky! Write about what happens when you decide to climb to the top. What do you discover?”


Grade 1’s: 3-4 sentences

Grade 2’s: 5-6 sentences

Tuesday June 16-Writing and Math for Gr. 1, Time for Gr. 2


Summer break is almost here. We have this week and next week of school and that’s it for the school year! Write about your favourite memories from this school year and tell me why these memories were your favourite. 

(Think about what you did at recess and lunch, think about some things we did as a class (Urban Safari Rescue Society visit, walk to the library, animal project…), think about the school events (crazy hair day, hat day…), what you played, who you did things with…). 


Grade 1’s: 3-4 sentences

Grade 2’s: 5-6 sentences

Grade 1 Math 

*The third page in this document is more difficult. It requires finding a missing number in an equation, but with double digits. To solve the equations and find the missing number it’s the same as what we have done before with single digits. Subtract one of the numbers provided in the equation from the answer and that’s the missing number!  I have included it in case you would like the challenge, but feel free to skip it!

Double Digit Mixed Math Worksheets

Grade 2 Time 

*Instead of telling what the time is from looking at the hands on the clock, now you have to draw the hands yourself! Start with the little hand first to indicate the hour, and then draw the big hand to indicate the minutes.

Telling Time-Drawing Hands on the Clock

Friday June 12-Math

* In recognition that today is a Pro-D-Day, please feel free to complete the work below next week or a time that is convenient for you.

Grade 1’s: Double Digit Math Practice 

*There are quite a few questions, please feel free to spread this out over a couple of sittings or days or pick and choose some questions if needed.

Double Digit Addition:Subtraction No Regrouping

Grade 2’s: Greater Than, Less than-practice using the symbols and understanding the words: greater than, less than, equal to


Greater Than Less Than Math Blocks

Greater Than Less Than Double Digits

Thursday June 11-Writing and Self Assessment


What is an invention you think people need? Think about something that may be helpful for you, a friend, your family,  the community or the world.  Write about what the invention is and why it would be great to have. Why is it important or useful? What does it do? 


Grade 1’s: 3-4 sentences

Grade 2’s: 5-6 sentences

Self-Assessment-Grade 1’s and Grade 2’s

*Please have your child complete the self-assessment below and send it back to me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  This is required as part of the requirements for Term 3 Report Cards and will be included with the standard report card. If you don’t have access to a printer, please let me know! You could indicate answers on a blank sheet of paper if possible. 

-Colour in the smiley face that indicates your agreement with each statement

Term 3 Self Assessment

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