This Week in Ms Carson’s Class

Updated Sunday 10 January 2021

Reading: Lit Circles in Nonfiction

We are reading news articles for our Lit Circles this week. No homework yet! Monday, students will be given their articles to read. They should be ready with their “thick” and “thin” questions by Wednesday.

  • New groups: Lions, Tigers, Bears, Oh Mys

Writing: We are finishing up our “World’s Shortest Stories in Each Genre” this week. Stories must be:

  • Written
  • Edited
  • Typed
  • Printed and glued into booklet

Social Studies: Final Projects

  • Students are completing their “Map your learning” maps this week to be handed in for marks

Science: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mechanics) challenges

  • We have finished our body systems projects and are moving into simple machines (grade 5) and Newton’s Laws (grade 6) – physics!

Physical & Health Education: Soccer games!

  • Students are creating their own soccer games/ obstacle courses and will be leading the class in them this Tuesday and Friday

French: Some basics

  • Counting from 1-10
  • Colours (a review)
  • Duolingo (getting started)


  • Lit Circle work
  • Math: Share your 2 favourite “found” fractions, including explanation, drawing, and fractional form
  • Principles of Design project: due now!
  • Maps: due this week (or by Monday next week)


  • Twin Day this Friday 15 January